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Tracking orders from creation to fulfillment/payment

I just upgraded from QB for Mac 2014 to 2019.


With every version of QB for Mac I've had trouble tracking my orders through their various stages (receiving the order, packing, shipping, payment). I have some of my customers on Net 30 terms, and some of them not. Some orders are placed to ship right away, some are scheduled to ship later.


With QB 2014 I would enter an order as an estimate when it was scheduled far out, then transfer it to an invoice when it was time to pack/ship. I then kept manual notes for myself about whether the order had shipped or not, whether I'd contacted the customer for payment or not, etc. The problem with that is that it is relatively easy to lose track of an order (if I forgot to print it out).


I wish I had a way that I could mark orders with colors or flags or something according to their status so that I could scroll through the list of invoices and see what needed my attention, without having to individually look at each invoice to see my notes at the bottom.


Is there any way to effectively do this in QB for Mac 2019? Does anyone have any ideas of how I could work around/improve my system?


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Tracking orders from creation to fulfillment/payment

I have no idea if Mac has this or not, or if it does where it is, but in windows QB

in the customer center, if you right click on the column titles for the tabular display of transactions you can customize columns to some extent, we have a shipped date field that could be used. Unfortunately custom fields for customers will not display there, but the memo block will - may be use the memo block too?

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Tracking orders from creation to fulfillment/payment

I recommend you consider running VM Ware or Parallels, and then you get QB Premier and install it as the Wholesale/Manufacturing Edition, or the Retail Edition.


Now you will have Sales Orders, which is more functional and work well with Estimates. You will have Customer Fulfillment Worksheet, and customer order Backorder Tracking.



You enter the Estimate for the customer.


You set up the SO for the process of Packing and Shipping.


You invoice from the SO as fulfillment incurs, for the invoice is the Actual Sale.

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