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Withheld deposit

regards I have 9 days waiting for a deposit, I made another transaction they deposited me yesterday and today says Withheld  the same, I have decided to return the first transaction and they have not returned it and the client is asking me why I have not done it, since I am paying with a check, I have called their support line exactly as they asked me in their message and it lasted 2:45 minutes and they did not take care of me I need to deposit my money please.

Muy service is gopayment

QuickBooks Team

Re: Withheld deposit

Hi Charmin,


You've posted in the UK site, I'm going to takeyou over to our US Counterparts and the Payment system.



QuickBooks Team

Re: Withheld deposit

I appreciate you for reaching out to us, Charmin.


I want to help you get the support you need with the deposit showing the Withheld status.


A deposit is held when there's something unexpected with the transaction that our Merchant Services Team needs to review. We've sent the detailed instructions via Email about a request for some additional information about the deposit.


I've attached an article below for more information about your concern:


Why are my funds on hold?


If you haven't received the email, I encourage you to reach out to our Merchant Services Team. Since we limited tools in this public forum, please contact them through this article:


Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions concerning the deposit on hold. I'll be around for you.

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Re: Withheld deposit


today is December 5
On November 7, they allegedly deposited me, then the money was taken back.
This is the date that I have not yet deposited my money, this is the last time I demand that I deposit my money.
otherwise I will take legal action.

DEPOSIT ID: [removed]


QuickBooks Team

Re: Withheld deposit

Hi there, Charmin,


Thanks for providing us an update about the current situation you're into with your GoPayment deposits. I want to ensure you get the answers you need with this concern.


Tracking the status of your deposit requires checking your GoPayments account, which we are unable to do in this public forum. For security reasons, I'd recommend getting in touch with our GoPayments Support. They have the tools to verify your merchant account and provide you the details why your deposits were on hold.


To get our updated contact information, please check the GoPayment phone number through this link:


I appreciate your patience, Charmin. Please let me know how this goes, I'm here to get things figured out for you.

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Re: Withheld deposit

This is crazy to hold up funds because you think there is a problem. There times when customer don't have time to deal with this, they pay and keep going. In the construction field we don't have time for this because work is being done  are complete.