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Reconcile Amazon Vendor Central Daily Payments in Quickbooks

We really need a procedure to Reconcile Amazon Vendor Central Daily Payments (Statements) in Quickbooks so that we match up to the groups of invoices and be able to take out fees.

QuickBooks Team

Reconcile Amazon Vendor Central Daily Payments in Quickbooks

I can provide steps so you can reconcile them successfully, @lisa165.

Before reconciling them, you’ll want to match the transaction first to your invoices. This depends on how the Amazon entries sync to QuickBooks.

If they’re deposits, QuickBooks makes a match as long as the amount, date and other details are the same. Here’s how:


  1. Go to the Banking menu.
  2. Select Bank Feeds, then Bank Feeds Center.
  3. Choose the account, then press the Transaction list.
  4. Then select Match or Add them.

You can use this reference to add and match Bank Feed transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.

Once done, you can follow these steps below to reconcile and how to record the fees in the program:


  1. Select the Banking menu, then click Reconcile.
  2. Select the account where the Amazon Vendor Central Daily Payments are connected. 
  3. The Statement Date is automatically filled in. You can change it if needed to match your statement.
  4. QuickBooks also automatically enters the Beginning Balance.
  5. In the Ending Balance field, enter the ending balance as it appears on your bank statement.
  6. Enter the amounts in the Service Charge and Interest Earned section for the fees or interest.
  7. If all are set, then click Continue to start reconciling.

I’ve added this article for complete instructions about reconciliation. In case there are discrepancies you’ll encounter, there are few tools that can help you fix them. Just visit the articles listed in the link. 

Should you have other concerns besides reconciliation, I’m always here determined to find a resolution for you. Take care.

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Reconcile Amazon Vendor Central Daily Payments in Quickbooks

I'm not convinced that this is the way to reconcile Amazon accounts.  Is this a procedure you have used before and was able to download transactions from Amazon spreadsheets to a "bank account" that was set up as an Amazon receipt account?  

QuickBooks Team

Reconcile Amazon Vendor Central Daily Payments in Quickbooks

Hi Lisa,


The procedure shared by MadelynC was for handling bank feed transactions. If your Amazon account sends transactions to the Bank Feeds Center in QuickBooks, you can follow that procedure. However, it seems like your Amazon is connected via an app, which we have limited information about mapping or procedure as these things are mostly done on the app's side. And for this reason, we're unable to tell how transactions are sent to QuickBooks, which will give us an idea of how to reconcile them.


For visibility purposes and to understand the process better, I would recommend contacting our Chat Support. That way, they'll be able to start a screen-sharing session to understand how transactions are imported, and so they can help you with the reconciliation. At least, we can help you how to manage the transactions that are already in QuickBooks.


You can contact the team from Monday through Friday, from 6 AM to 6 PM PT.

  1. Go to Help, then select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. Enter your concern, then select Continue.
  4. Choose a way to connect with us:
    • Post a question and get an answer from experts and other customers.
    • Start messaging with a support expert.
    • Get a callback from an expert (availability may be limited).

Please don't hesitate to go back to this thread if you have more questions. You can also find more references for QuickBooks on the main support page.

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Reconcile Amazon Vendor Central Daily Payments in Quickbooks


You may need a connector to reconcile it easily. The app will connect AVC via electronic data integration (EDI) to process starting from purchase orders. 

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