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Record Reimbursements?

Good Evening,

I recently used my personal American Express Platinum card to make purchases I would otherwise use my business debit card for.


I paid $507 towards my American Express card through the AMEX website using my business card as the payment source. $507 was the total amount used for business expenses.


An expense popped up, as it should, in my quickbooks online transactions tab. It shows as a $507 payment to American Express. How should I properly record this within quickbooks? Would I just categorize this as a Reimbursable Expense?




Record Reimbursements?

We'll help you record these transactions, ThePolitico.


Mixing your business and personal transactions is not really recommended. However, there are times that we can't avoid it.


First thing we'll do is to record the expense transaction through a Journal Entry.

Then, we can create a reimbursement through Check or Expense.

To see the detailed information, you can browse this article: Pay for business expenses with personal funds .


You can use this link for additional reference: Mixing business and personal funds.


Though that's how we do it within QuickBooks Online, I'd still recommend reaching out to your accountant. Regarding whether to use the Reimbursable Expense account or not, your accountant will be the best person to verify it. They know what's these methods and what accounts to use.


We'll be right here if you need anything else.




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Record Reimbursements?

I get what you are saying.


The payment to the AMEX card was already made, and it shows up in quickbooks. Would it be acceptable to classify that payment as a reimbursable expense, with a PDF attachment of the receipts and a memo note stating it is a reimbursement for purchases made for the business on a personal card?

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