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Refund on sales receiptSales receipt on quickbooks online



I am so very new to this quickbook thing and have been trying hard for the last 2 years but am not getting anywhere.  My checking account balances and other accounts are so off and I can not figure out how to balance them.  I have asked a lot of accountants but a lot of them do not work with QuickBooks online.


I own a moving business and most of our payments are made the same day with check therefor I use sales receipts often.  When I am completing the sales receipts, I have to record them to be deposited into an account, which then doubles in my checking because I also have my checking linked and the actual check deposits are also shown as deposited into checking.  How do I fix this?  Do you guys offer any sort of quickbook online classes?  I would like to sit down and take this course so I can learn more in depth of what is done and why so my accounts are accurate and my year end reports for taxes are absolutely correct.  I look forward to a response!  Thank you!!

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QuickBooks Team

Refund on sales receiptSales receipt on quickbooks online

Welcome to the Community, @tgrawien.


Thanks for choosing QuickBooks as part of your business and I appreciate you elaborating your concern. I can provide a more in-depth insights on how to record payments made on the same day in QuickBooks.


You’d probably be most likely to use a sales receipt when customers pay you in full for products or services at the same time they receive them. Completing a sales receipt is similar to filling out an invoice or purchase order. However, when you create a sales receipt in QuickBooks, you are recording the payment at the same time.

For a deferred payment, use Invoice and Receive Payment. That's the time you may create a Check to apply as payment for the open invoice.


With you being new to QuickBooks, I'd like to leave some helpful articles and tutorial for handling transactions in QuickBooks Online:

This information should get you back on track and correct your record in QBO. Let me know how things go and if you have other questions, just leave a reply below. I'm always here to help. Wishing you and your business continued success.

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