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Refund to customer recorded twice, but not run twice??

I have two separate, but similar issues. We'll start with customer A. A was issued a refund of $19.80. His balance should be zero. Instead it's $-19.80. There is both a credit memo & the credit card refund posting. I don't care for credit memos for this exact reason, but it was a sales tax refund so I had to issue it to make my sales tax payable come out right. What am I missing? If you go into the credit memo, it states that the refund has been issued.

Now Customer B. Customer B was overpaid on an invoice & I issued her a credit card refund. Now, it's gone. This was done a month ago, it was processed, she has her money. But as far as QB goes, I have no record of the refund & my QB shows that she's overpaid with a negative balance when her balance should be zero. Customer B's refund was done with a merchant service rep. Anyone have any advice? I'm really not looking forward to being on the phone for hours with someone that has no clue as to what's going on. I have had payment issues constantly since we upgraded to the 2020 version. Desktop Premier 2020

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QuickBooks Team

Refund to customer recorded twice, but not run twice??

Hello there, windylou.


We can check the customer's transaction list as one of the transactions may have incorrectly been applied. This way, you can determine the cause of the issue.


Also, you can check it here about resolving common issues when applying payment towards an invoice.


Stay in touch with us if you have other questions. I'm more than happy to help. Take care!

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