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Resolving Transaction Not Working

I received a payment via PayPal, transferred that amount to my bank, downloaded the transaction(s) to QBO, selected 'Find Match', clicked the invoice in question, and of course, the received amount does not match.


When I click on the 'Resolve' button, the system hangs (something buggy must be going on in the back end), but when I finally wait it out and try to add the $255.14 as a Bank Fee (expense) to get to the total of $8787.60, the system rejects it.


What am I doing wrong?


QBO Match Issue.png

QuickBooks Team

Re: Resolving Transaction Not Working

Hi there, @Hammerhead.


Thanks for the screenshot. I'm here to help you in resolving transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO). 


You're in the right direction @Hammerhead. To resolve the difference, make sure that you enter the correct amount in the Add resolving transaction section. I can see that there's a negative sign in the amount. To resolve this issue, here's how: 


  1. In the Resolve Difference, enter the amount  shown including the negative sign so it will match the with the difference in the invoice. 
  2. As soon as you enter the correct amount in the Add resolving transaction section, verify that the Resolve Difference amount will be $0.00.
  3. Click Save


For more information, you can also read through our help topic in this article: Match and categorize your downloaded bank transactions. This will help you find the match and resolve transaction differences in QBO.


Always know that we're just a post away for your other concern. Have a great day ahead!

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Re: Resolving Transaction Not Working

That's the problem.  The system is sluggish to respond and no matter whether I use a negative amount or a positive amount, it will not accept the input. Furthermore, entering a negative amount results in the wrong bottom line.


  • Check the first image above.  The total at the bottom (8787.60) is correct, but I get an error warning.
  • In the second image below, the discrepancy of $255.14 is entered as a negative, the system still does not accept the input, and the amount at the bottom is not correct.
  • Note: in both screen shots, I have blanked out customer and account information for privacy reasons.

Something seems to be wrong on the hosting end - this system is busted.

I'm wondering if issuing a CM for the amount in question would solve the problem.




Re: Resolving Transaction Not Working

Thanks for the screenshots, Hammerhead.


You're in the right track. Let me add more details, so you can match the Paypal payment to the invoice in QuickBooks Online.


First, make sure that the transaction and payment amounts are the same. Then, enter a negative entry in the Add resolving transactions section. I'm glad to show you how:

  1. Locate and click the online banking transaction to see the details.
  2. Hit the Find match button.
  3. Select the invoice, then make sure that the Transaction and Payment amounts are the same.
  4. Turn on the Resolve Difference feature.
  5. Under the Add resolving transactions section, fill in the needed details such as Payee name, Category and enter a negative amount.
  6. Ensure that the difference amount is zero and the Downloaded transaction and Total amounts match.
  7. Hit the Save button.


To learn more about matching transactions, please visit this article: Add and match downloaded banking transactions.


Reach out to me if there is anything else you need. I'm always happy to help.

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Re: Resolving Transaction Not Working

That did the trick THANK YOU!!!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Resolving Transaction Not Working

It's nice to have you in the Community again, @Hammerhead.


I'm glad to hear that you found the information helpful and that the bank transactions are taken care of! Also, thanks for taking the time to post an update of it went.  


The Community is always here should you need further assistance. Take care.