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Send a link to a customer to pay their invoice

Hi there, I really hope someone can help me.  Today, suddenly I am unable to send my client their invoice directly from QB.  I am unable to figure it out and am too frustrated to continue.  My clients pay their invoices online, which if I can't send them an invoice directly, they can't do.  I'm really hoping to figure out a way to send them a link to pay their invoice.  Ie, open my email server, write an email, 

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QuickBooks Team

Send a link to a customer to pay their invoice



Having known how your clients pay you, it's really important that you'll be able to send out invoices, and I'm here to help you get this sorted out.


By the way, you haven't indicated if you're using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, but I assume that you're using a desktop version since it doesn't have the option to send an invoice link.


It's quite puzzling if you suddenly can't send out invoices without having any changes in your company file. Unless you have a network connection issue. Did you change something in your email preference? If yes, I would recommend reviewing your setup using the steps in this article: Connect your email to QuickBooks Desktop. If not, you can update your QuickBooks as this resolves random issues in the program.


Feel free to share an update after checking your setup. Any additional details will help us get this sorted out in case you would need more help.

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