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Shifting decimal point... .5 becomes 5.0... 5.2 becomes 52 - Only Android phone in Spanish

I was training my employee in QBO on his phone today. He is Argentinian so his phone is in Spanish. When we enter the amount into the sales receipt or invoice, it changes the decimal position. 5.2 become 52. This happens at the top where you enter the amount, but at the bottom it shows 5.2... until you change another aspect of the sales receipt or invoice... then it changes at the bottom too. We tried changing the system language of the phone to English and the problem disappeared. I also tried changing my iPhone to Spanish to see if it happened on the iPhone. It worked correctly in English or Spanish on the iPhone. This is an android Spanish (and perhaps other languages) issue. I I saw another post that discussed this and the answer in QuickBooks Desktop was to remove the automatic decimal position setting in the preferences. There is not setting in either iOS or Android apps to this effect. Also I thought maybe the setting was globally done in the account settings, but I couldn't find anything related to that in my account settings. Please help... this is doubling our work. My employee has to type out info to me and message me so that I can create the sales receipt or invoice, then I message it to him! That is insanity. Thanks in advance! Tim

Content Leader

Shifting decimal point... .5 becomes 5.0... 5.2 becomes 52 - Only Android phone in Spanish

Hi there, tsemmens.


Thanks for letting me know about the trouble you and your employee ran into when trying to enter amounts in the mobile app.


After looking into this a bit further, I found that there have been several other users reporting having the same issue. This info has been passed along to our engineers and they're working to get it resolved as quickly as possible. I recommend reaching out to a member of the Support Team to be added to the list of affected accounts. This can be done by:


1. Clicking the Help button in the top right corner.

2. Select Contact Us.

3. Enter Support in the field and choose Let's talk.

4. From here you can select to receive a callback at a time that's convenient for you.


This link offers additional details about contacting the QuickBooks Online Customer Support Team. Once you're connected, you may want to mention you believe this is related to INV-17416. After being added to the affected users list, you'll receive email notifications with updates and the solution. In the meantime, the engineers suggest accessing your account via web browser rather than the app while this is being worked on.


Don't hesitate to reach back out if you have have other questions. I'll be here to help.


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Shifting decimal point... .5 becomes 5.0... 5.2 becomes 52 - Only Android phone in Spanish

Hi Morgan,


The first thing I tried was to go to the help menu. Getting a callback didn't seem to be an option so I tried sending an email... this was what I got back.


Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 5.13.07 PM.png


I just tried the way you said to do it by typing "support" in there... still no callback option...


Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 8.11.40 PM.png

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Shifting decimal point... .5 becomes 5.0... 5.2 becomes 52 - Only Android phone in Spanish

I was able to find a way to reach support. I talked to them for a while and they said they would call my employee about 20 minutes later to troubleshoot it with them. I was impressed... but then they never called him. 



QuickBooks Team

Shifting decimal point... .5 becomes 5.0... 5.2 becomes 52 - Only Android phone in Spanish

Hi @tsemmens,


Thank you for your prompt reply, as well as sharing screenshots of your employee's QuickBooks Online mobile app.


As what it states there on the first screenshot, the account appears to be non-US. This means the Technical Support team available for it is either via the Community page or email support.


I suggest going with Email support, so they can pull up your employee's QBO company info. They can also add him to the list of the affected users of the issue mentioned by my peer, @MorganB above.


Drop a question in the comments below, if you have any. I'll get back to you. 

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Shifting decimal point... .5 becomes 5.0... 5.2 becomes 52 - Only Android phone in Spanish

Hi Ryan,


I appreciate you getting back to me quickly. I must admit I am a bit confused about two things.


  1. I wasn't clear above... the error when contacting support was when I tried to send an email... since that doesn't work, to what address should I send it so as to avoid using the app?
  2. More importantly... I pay the same as a US account, so why do I get less support services for the same amount of money? That doesn't seem right at all.
QuickBooks Team

Shifting decimal point... .5 becomes 5.0... 5.2 becomes 52 - Only Android phone in Spanish

I'll make sure that you can connect with us, tsemmens.


For security purposes, we're unable to directly provide the email address here since this is an open forum. We can perform some troubleshooting steps so that you'll be able to contact our technical supports through email.


If you're currently using the mobile app to get in touch with us, I recommend logging into your account using a web browser. It could be that the app has temporary connectivity issues that's why you encountered that error.


Once done, you can follow these steps in sending the email so that you'll be added to our notification list.

  1. Click the Help icon.
  2. Hit Contact Us.
  3. Enter "INV-17416" in the description.
  4. Select Let's talk.
  5. Choose Start an email or Chat.

If the error still persists, let's access your QuickBooks account through a private browsing window. This will help us determine if this is a browser-related issue since this mode doesn't save site data and cache files. You can press Ctrl + Shift + N for Google Chrome, Ctrl + Shift + P for Mozilla Firefox, and ⌘ + Shift + N for Safari web browser.


Once you're in, let's try to send an email again. If it was successfully sent, we'll have to go back to your normal browser and perform a clear cache to clean up your system and improve the system performance. We can also use the other supported browsers to isolate the issue. 


With regard to your second question, the option to reach our phone is currently available for QBO US versions only. We're still expanding our phone supports for all languages since QuickBooks supports internationally. For now, the option to contact us is through email or chat.


Let me know how it goes by tagging me below, as I want to make sure that this will be taken care of as soon as possible.



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