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Subscription and Refunds

Long story short I Closed my business this past December due to unjustified refunds. So with that being said, since I closed my account can customers still force a refund on a previous charge? Items I make are custom and I'm still filling orders but would hate to be sending orders to those who have refunded anyway as the Transactions in the quickbooks I access don't show any further updates. Just trying to see if its work finishing orders knowing how some are behaving. 

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Subscription and Refunds

Welcome to the Community space, AlmostFree.


To be clear, are you referring to a subscription refund or a refund for your customers' payments? Any information can assist me in providing accurate information to help you solve your problem.


If you use QuickBooks Payments, you have six months from the date of sale to process the refund. After that, you can refund your customer in cash or by check.


These are the steps to void or refund transactions with QuickBooks Payment:


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Payments account.
  2. From the Processing Tools drop-down, select Reverse a Transaction.
  3. Fill out the necessary fields and select Search.
  4. Click the transaction(s) you want to refund, then Submit.


Check out this article for more details: Void or refund transactions in QuickBooks Payments.


If it's beyond six months, you can create a check or refund them using cash.


On the other hand, you can request a refund for the QuickBooks product or subscription as long as it's within 60 days of the purchase date under our satisfaction guarantee. You can visit our return policy for the complete details: QuickBooks Guarantee.


I've also added this article for more insight about refunding customer payment in QuickBooks Online: 



You can also reactivate your account if you need to update some transactions on your deactivated account. To do that, please follow these easy steps on this resource: How to resubscribe or reactivate QuickBooks Online.


I'll keep an eye on your response, please don't hesitate to add any details below. I'll be here to help you.

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Subscription and Refunds

No not refunding anyone myself. If I have a transaction that was done and the customer goes to their bank to force a refund would I be notified since I'm no longer a quickbooks subscriber? Because I've had 2 refunds that were pending then they never updated me on if they were closed or reversed. So when I log into the Merchant center I don't see any changes no matter which decision was made. 


Subscription and Refunds

Thanks for the quick reply and clarification, AlmostFree.


I'll give you a few details about receiving notifications if one of your customers forces their bank to process refunds. This way, I can guide you on what to do next.


As your QuickBooks Payments account is already closed, we'll not be able to send notifications or update your pending transaction status.


Additionally, it looks like these transactions are charged back to your account. In QuickBooks, if you have received a chargeback, you do not issue a credit to the cardholder's card or any other type of refund. Check out this link on how to handle this situation properly: Handle chargebacks and retrieval requests for QuickBooks Payments.


Since your account is closed, you have an option to re-subscribe to settle the pending transactions. To reactivate the account, other solutions to resolve pending transactions and email notification issues, I suggest you contact our Customer Care team. Visit this link to get their direct telephone number and chat link: Contact Payments or Point of Sale Support.


Further, check out this article to answer the Merchant Services commonly asked questions: QuickBooks Payments FAQs.


Please don't hesitate to leave a message below if you have any further questions. I'll be here to help. Take care of your self always, AlmostFree.

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