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Syncing My Merchant Account with QB 2019 Mac

I have set up a Merchant Account, have a confirmation and everything. When I try to sync my account in QB, I log in, but it wants me to set up an account all over again. Why won't it sync with my account after I log in from that page?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Syncing My Merchant Account with QB 2019 Mac

It's an advantage to have your merchant account sync to your QuickBooks for Mac, MariaR.


In the Merchant Service window, you don't need to create another login.


You only need to click the Create Ticket button to sync your merchant account. This will direct you to log in page where you can enter your merchant credentials. 


Please see this sample screenshot:



The article has a video tutorial on how to link your merchant account to QuickBooks for Mac


I'll be around if you have additional questions about Merchant Services. Have a great day!

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Re: Syncing My Merchant Account with QB 2019 Mac

I do not have that option. See uploaded screen shot. It is so strange as I really do have an account with a confirmation and everything!
QuickBooks Team

Re: Syncing My Merchant Account with QB 2019 Mac

Hi there, @MariaR,


I 'm here to give you the steps to link your Merchant account into QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


You're almost there. There's only a few more steps you need to do after completing the instructions in the the approval email. Perform the steps below on your account to complete the sync:


  1. On your company file, go to the QuickBooks drop-down.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Below Recommended Services, choose Merchant Services.


  4. If you have an existing Merchant account, proceed to Step 2: Login.


  5. Enter your Merchant Service log in credentials.
  6. Click the Authorize button.
  7. You should now see a ✓ Merchant Service Enabled sign on the Merchant Service page.

That should get you all set up, @MariaR. I'm also adding this article for your reference: Connect your Payments Account to QuickBooks for Mac


To help you further with using QuickBooks 2019 and its navigations, please check out this link: QuickBooks for Mac 2019 Manual


Please know that the Community has your back and I'm here if you need additional help with QuickBooks. Cheering you to continued success in all your endeavors!