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Tracking code on payments



I am a Quickbooks Online and Payments user.   Is there any way to add some JavaScript tracking so I can track sales through Facebook and Google Analytics?


At a minimum is there a way to redirect the customer after payment to a specific page on my website where I can have that tracking code?


And if there isn’t, is there a merchant that anyone can recommend that can do this that integrates with Quickbooks?


QuickBooks Team

Re: Tracking code on payments

Let me welcome you first to the Online Community, dquindemil.

The Intuit Developer is a separate forum where product engineers are working with customers and fellow developers with integration, as well as app development. I suggest posting this question on their page to check if there’s a way to add some JavaScript in your account.

They can help find a way to see if you can redirect the customer to a specific page on your site. This way, you’ll be able to have the tracking code.

Please know the Community has your back. If you any other concerns while working in QuickBooks, post a comment below. I’ll get back as soon as possible to help you.


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Re: Tracking code on payments

Hi.  This is not an Intuit developer question.  I’m not a developer.  


I use Quickbooks Payments.  My question is is this possible or is there a setting that can be adjusted?


Re: Tracking code on payments

Hello dquindemil,

It's not possible to add some JavaScript tracking for QuickBooks Payments. We can't recommend an app that is best for your business. However, you can try searching for it on the web which can integrate with QuickBooks Online.


We'd love to send it as feedback to our engineers as well. 


Let us keep posted if you've got more questions.