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Using a custom statement descriptor on ACH charge

Is it possible to customize the statement text shown on the customer bank statement, when making an ACH charge through QuickBooks Payments?


E.g. by default, statement reads "COMPANY NAME SALE". I am interested in customizing this on a per-charge basis. E.g. "COMPANY NAME Plumbing work".


In Stripe for example, you can configure the statement description for credit-card charges:

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Using a custom statement descriptor on ACH charge

Welcome and thanks for posting your concern here in the Community, @stri8ed


Customizing the statement description of the ACH charges from Merchant Services is unavailable in QuickBooks.


I'd suggest you contact the Merchant Service Center. They are the right people that can advise you about how to make this feature works. 


Here's how you can get through them:



You can always post here in the Community if you need help with anything else about QuickBooks. I'd love to help.