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Vendor Credits

How do I get a Vendor Credit to show up as a Line item on a Bill Pay and Check Stub? When Credit are applied to random invoices, the trail is lost to both us and the Vendor.

QuickBooks Team

Vendor Credits

I can clarify things out about the use of a vendor credit in QuickBooks Online, AM2Lo.


Vendor credits are transactions you record for returns or refunds from a vendor. Hence, adding them as a line item on bill pay and check stub isn't an option.


To keep your vendor expenses accurate, check out the Enter a refund from a vendor page. It will show you the workflow of the entry in QuickBooks Online.


Stay in touch with me if you need additional information. I'm always glad to help.

Level 1

Vendor Credits

But a Credit Memo is it's own transaction, and not seeing it listed with it's Number and <Amount> is very confusing to everyone. Currently, I have one from a Vendor that doesn't directly tie to any one invoice and to have it "underpay" some other random Invoice is just a poor audit trail.

Maybe an option can be added to have a Credit show as a line item on the Bill Pay and Check Stub...? :)

QuickBooks Team

Vendor Credits

Hello there, @AM2Lo


I'm here to add more information about adding vendor credit in a bill or checks. 


Yes, you're right. A credit memo or vendor credit is a different transaction. We use a Credit Memo when a customer made an advance payment to a transaction. While Vendor Credit is used to record and track credits or refunds issued to you by your supplier or vendor.


Hence, you'll want to use the vendor credit to show under the Outstanding Transactions section when you apply it to your bill. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the +New menu, then select Vendor Credits under Vendors
  2. Enter the correct date, and select the account and the refund amount on the form.
  3. Click Save


Once you have the vendor credit record, you’ll see a negative balance for your vendor. The next time you go to pay a bill for the same vendor, you will have the option to apply this credit to the bill. 


Let me know if there's anything else you need help with. We're always around to further assist. 

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