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Vendor transactions with bills and payments do not total correctly

I'm trying to figure out the best way to track not only already incurred project costs, but also expected future costs to finish the project. It seems like the Bill feature might be the solution. But I'm not sure I'm using it correctly.


As an example, I've hired a plumber to add a bathroom to a rental I'm renovating. The total cost is $4300 with $2150 due at start and $2150 due on completion.

  • I created a bill for $4300 with the correct category, project, and class.
  • I paid $2150 with a credit card which got downloaded as an expense.
  • I assigned that expense to Accounts Payable
  • I fumbled through some screen where I had a list of expenses (just the $2150 payment) and bills (just the $4300 bill) and matched them. I also made sure the Amount was $0.

I really wasn't sure what I was doing on that last screen, it didn't make a lot of sense. However, if I open the Bill, it shows that $2150 is paid and $2150 is remaining due. Seems right.


BUT... looking at the list of expenses for the Vendor, the Total doesn't seem right. Note that I had previously spent $823 on a new water main, so that is in the list too. I would expect the total to be either the total amount that the vendor will be paid ($4300 + $823 = $5123) or the total amount paid so far ($2150 + $823 = $2973). But  $7273 doesn't make sense to me since it is doubling up the bill and payment amounts.  




If I filter the expenses list by "Open Bills", then the transactions make a lot more sense now that it includes a Balance and Total column:




Am I doing this correctly? What should I do differently? Is there a UI bug on that first list of transactions? The totals really don't make sense on that list.

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Vendor transactions with bills and payments do not total correctly

Hello there, tauren. I appreciate you for providing detailed information and screenshots.


If you've created a bill, there's no need to create an expense. We can delete the expense (2,1500) and go directly to the bill payment ( 2,1500). Then, match it to the downloaded expense


Here's how to delete the expense:


  1. Open the vendor transaction.
  2. Select the expense (2,1500).
  3. Click More at the bottom part.
  4. Hit Delete. Then, Yes to confirm.


This helps you correct the total balance. To differentiate the type of transactions, you can check this article: What is the difference between bills, checks, and expenses?


Let me know if you have other questions. Take care and stay safe!

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