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Reports for supplier

Hello Everyone I hope you guys are doing well. I have tried to ask you this again and again but no one is willing to solve my issue. This is the reason I am posting this again.

 I have posted many post regarding this but got no solution yet.

I am looking for a report which shows following.

1. Proper running Balance.

2. Debit , Credit

3. Narration for both Bill payment (check) & Bills narration.

Please Note I want a single ledger report which shows proper running balance, Narrations as well.

Just suggest me a single report which meets all my requirement. I'll be really thankful to you.

I am also sharing an example so you get it.


Date               Transaction Type           Memo/Description                         Debit            Credit          Balance

14-12-2020    Bill                                  Purchased a Bottle of Vodka.         1000                                 1000

15-12-2020    Bill payment (Check)  Paid Via Cash                                                           300              700


There are many similar reports like Transaction list by Account or Transaction list by supplier but these reports but either they dont show proper running balance or does not show bill payment chq narration therefore I hope this time I will get a solution. I hope so. Please I am asking since a long time..

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