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Void a Duplicate Cash Receipt in Closed Period

The company for which I work has multiple employees posting cash receipts to customer accounts.  This morning, I noticed there was a duplicate cash receipt (check) listed on one customer account.  It just so happened to be from the prior period (closed).

My question is:  How do I void or delete that duplicate cash receipt (check)?  I don't think I can simply delete it from the account.  But do I journal it off?  If so, what would that journal entry look like?

QuickBooks Team

Void a Duplicate Cash Receipt in Closed Period

Hello, @DA2018.

Voiding transactions can affect your books.  You can remove the sales receipt from the deposit window and duplicate transaction.


Deleting Sales Receipts from Deposit:

  1. Click on the Banking menu. 
  2. Select Make Deposits.
  3. Hit Previous to show the deposit for that sales receipt. 
  4. Press Ctrl+D to delete the deposit.
  5. Open the sales receipt again, and you can now delete it.

Deleting Duplicate Transactions:

  1. Go to the Banking menu.
  2. Choose Bank Feeds and then Bank Feeds Center.
  3. Pick the statement from the Items Received From the Financial Institution sectionThen click View.
  4. Match the appropriate transactions. Hit Done to match them.
  5. Press Yes in the Not Finished Matching screen. You'll return to the Online Banking Center.
  6. Find and select the same statement from the Items Received From the Financial Institution section, then choose Delete.

Also, I recommend contacting your accountant so you'd be assisted properly in managing your transactions, especially for closed periods.


Lastly, you can read through these articles to help you track your Accounts Receivable workflow:

Keep me posted if you have additional questions about the workflow. I'm always here to provide further help.

Level 2

Void a Duplicate Cash Receipt in Closed Period

The answer provided would work for an item in the same accounting period and if it were not a duplicate entry.  However, the issue I am dealing with IS a duplicate payment receipt in a previous period (closed) and the funds from the duplicate entry are still showing as available for use on the account.  Here's what happened:  The Check was received last month and entered twice on the same day.  On one entry, the funds were applied to an open invoice.  The funds from the duplicate entry were not applied and remain open on the account as unapplied funds.  Each entry was dated for the same date and listed with the same Check # and amount.  The month in which the entries were made was closed and now, because each entry lists the same reference number, date, amount, etc., I need to know how to remove the duplicate entry so that the account no longer shows that these funds are available to be applied to open invoices.

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