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Voided Credit Card Transaction Not saved

My staff voided a credit card payment today, but when they closed out of the payment window, they selected to not save the changes that were made. By doing that, it kept the credit card payment on the transaction window of the customer's profile. Therefore, the original credit card payment is still showing with a dollar amount, not $0. I looked on the Merchant Service Center and I see that the void has been approved. 


How do I remove this payment without having to delete it?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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QuickBooks Team

Voided Credit Card Transaction Not saved

HI there, @JATWOOD.



You can void the transaction manually but you can't delete it in QuickBooks. Let me walk you through how to do it.


First, let's void the transaction in your payments account. This way, you'll not incur any processing fee (occurs before the batch closes). Here's how:

  1. Log in to your QuickBooks Payments account.
  2. Click Processing Tools, then select Reverse a Transaction.
  3. Fill in the necessary fields, then click Search.
  4. Select the transaction, then click Submit.


Then, void the payment inside QuickBooks Online. This way, it won't show in the statement. Here's how:

  1. Open the payment.
  2. Click More, then select Void.
  3. Select Yes to confirm.


I'll add the article about voiding or refunding transactions in QuickBooks Payments to better guide you. 


Feel free to drop by in the Community if you have other concerns. We're just around to help you. 

Level 2

Voided Credit Card Transaction Not saved

Hi MaryAnn_E,


Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, this isn't working for me and the transaction shows it's been voided in Merchant Service Center. It's the front end we need removed.

Here is what we had done:


-Open credit card payment, which takes us to the Customer Payment window.

-Clicked on Reports

-Clicked on Processed Payment Receipt

-Clicked Void on the Processed Payment Receipt window

After the void processed, my staff printed the voided receipt. Then my staff clicked Save & Close, but clicked No to not saving what was done. Now the customer's profile says there is a payment of X amount still open and unapplied.


When I go into the Merchant Service Center and click on Transactions, the void shows it's been approved and the funds have gone back to the client. 


I just need to payment removed from the customer's account, so it doesn't show as an open, unapplied payment.


Thank you.

Joesem M

Voided Credit Card Transaction Not saved

Thanks for getting back to us, @JATWOOD.


I appreciate you for providing the complete details of your concern and the result of the resolution provided by my colleague. Since the payment still shows open from the customer's account, I'd suggest contacting our Merchant/Payments Support Team so they can check and review this further securely.


Also, a representative can delete the credit in the customer's profile and explain and take a look into this further. For the support's contact information, check out this link and go to the section QuickBooks Desktop with Payments: Contact Payments Support.


I'm also adding these handy articles for additional reference in case you process payments:



I'm always here to help if you have any other questions. Don't hesitate to mention my name and leave a comment below. Keep safe always!

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