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What does disposed mean?

I received an e-check. Two days later, I received a notice that the e-check had bounced from Quickbooks - not from my bank. The bank shows the amount has landed in my bank account. Today, I went to the online merchant portal and it said "disposed" and now it says "disputed". This word "disposed" is a word I am not familiar with. I am familiar with the banks saying "pending" on a charge, and usually they will send it back another time for funding - unclear if Quickbooks does this? I went to the online support forum and typed in "disposed" and nothing showed up? Then Why has my payment been disposed showed a few reasons, but mostly instructing people to call the help desk. Here is a timeline of my experience. Note from QB saying that payment was declined for insufficient funds. I forwarded that note to my client alerting her to the fact that QB has said that her payment was declined. Here is the activity from the transaction report : 1. Batched 2. Authorized 3. Funded 4. Disposed now 5. Disputed But the response is "approved" and there is no "next step"; also there are no REASON codes. Meanwhile the amount in total is sitting in my bank account and I am afraid it will be taken out. So, question WHO IS DISPUTING THIS and why don't I know about it? My client because she probably had to call Quickbooks and have a conversation? Or Quickbooks? and WHY is there no REASON CODE? Because it is APPROVED? Also, for the amount of money I pay QB, why isn't there customer service phone line on the weekends? Please respond, thank you
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QuickBooks Team

What does disposed mean?

Hi there, @OneStarReview.


The disposed status usually means a wrong payment information was typed in during the setup. To help you verify and update the account/routing numbers, you'll have to contact our Merchant Services Team,.


They have all the necessary tools to process your request while ensuring the privacy of your account. Check out the link below to get their contact details.


QuickBooks Online Payments & Merchant Service Center


Keep me posted on how the call went or if you have other QuickBooks questions. Wishing you all the best!

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