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Why am i being billed for a service i did not sign up for?

I have billed and charged for Online Payroll for the last 2 months. I did not enroll in this service. Please do not bill and charge my account for this service in the future. Thank you!

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Why am i being billed for a service i did not sign up for?

Hello, @davidthompson.


I want to ensure you're routed to the right support to verify the charges you've received. 


Since the Community page is public forum, I'd suggest contacting our Payroll Service Team. An agent will be able to look up your account's billing history and further assist you on secured environment. 


Here's how to contact us:

  1. Go to the Help icon.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Contact US
  4. Enter your question in the What can we help you with? field.
  5. Click Let's talk
  6. Choose a way to contact us:
    • Ask the Community
    • Get a callback 
    • Start messaging
  7. Enter your contact information.
  8. Select Call me or Send a message.

Fill me in if you have other questions. I'm always here to help.