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Level 2

Writing Check

How do I use account payable more than once when writing a check, straight from write check without using enter bills or pay bills?

Community Champion

Writing Check

You can't.  You can only use the A/P account once.


Why do you want to use it more than once? I don't think doing so has any benefit.


Also, if you don't use Bills, it seems wrong to use the A/P account on checks, which will generate a bigger and bigger negative A/P account balance over time.

Level 2

Writing Check

I am having problems when paying the company’s credit card. The problem is that the credit card’s statement has multiple charges from different vendors. Purchase orders are created on each vendor's name, and bills are generated from these purchase orders (single vendor). Obviously, the name on the credit card’s payment check will be the credit card's name. I know I can use "the print name on check" for the vendors and put the credit card's name on it but if I do this I will have to use multiple checks to pay one credit card statement (balance). I was instructed to create an A/P account just for the credit card, which in fact takes care of the issue about one payment to the credit card for multiple vendors, but the problem is that the bill is generated under the vendor's name regardless and since the payment is cut out to the credit card's name, the vendor’s name under vendor’s list will always show a balance (as if this vendor was never paid). I figured that if I use the “Write check” instead of the “Pay bills”, I would be able to pick the credit card’s A/P # under "Expense - Account" and under customer job I can pick a vendor's name, this way the vendor will not show a balance anymore. But this system only allows me to use one A/P account number per check. If I were able to use the account payable multiple times in one check, I would be able to split the credit card balance between all of the different vendors that were paid with the credit card for that statement and this way all vendors will show as paid under the vendor list. For these reasons and unless there is another solution that I don’t know of, I think QuickBooks should allow the use of the account payable more than once per check under the write check fixture.

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