Payroll and workers

Pay employees, enter timesheets, and send payroll forms.


Use timesheets to pay your workers.

Submit payroll

Send payroll to be processed from QuickBooks.

Regular payroll

Process payroll in QuickBooks.

Payroll corrections

Edit payroll transactions.

Pay checks and pay stubs

Add, print, and manage paychecks and paystubs in QuickBooks.

Special payroll

Handle occasional payroll events, like bonuses and garnishments.

Direct deposit

Set up and pay employees and contractors with direct deposit in QuickBooks.

Employee and worker records

Add and manage employment and contract records.

Payroll taxes and liabilities

Pay and manage payroll liabilities, and get ready for year-end.

View paystubs

Set up employees to see paystubs online with QuickBooks Workforce.

Payroll forms

Process, manage, and e-file quarterly and annual payroll forms.

Journal posting

Integrate your payroll service with your books.


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