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FAQ: Payroll Tax Center for Assisted Payroll customers


Your QuickBooks Payroll Assisted subscription prepares and files your payroll tax forms and employee W-2 forms on your behalf. Electronic copies of these filed forms are then provided to you through a secure link in QuickBooks to the Payroll Tax Center. With the Payroll Tax Center, you can view, print, save, and email copies of your payroll tax and W-2 forms as many times as you want.

Read below to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Center.


You have an active QuickBooks Payroll Assisted  subscription.


For answers to the following FAQ, click the question.

General information

Payroll Tax Center general information: How do I view filed tax copies?

I can't remember my payroll PIN. What do I do?

Filed payroll tax forms

When are copies of my filed payroll tax forms available?

What payroll tax forms does the QuickBooks Assisted payroll subscription file on my behalf?

What filing periods (years and quarters) are available in the Payroll Tax Center?

Why isn't my filed form displayed in the Payroll Tax Center?

How do I print, save, or email copies of my filed forms?

What does the information on my filed form mean?

What if I see an error on my filed form or need to request an amendment?

W-2 overview

When will my W-2 forms be available?

What is the cost of W-2 forms?

When will I be billed for W-2 forms?

Can I review my W-2 information before it's printed and filed?

What do I need to do with employee W-2 forms?

What does the Assisted payroll subscription do with employee W-2 information?

How do I print, save, or email copies of my W-2 forms?

How do I reprint or replace a W-2 form?

What is the W-3 form?

W-2 printing options

What are my W-2 form printing options?

What are the benefits of self-printing my employee W-2 forms?

How do I view and select my W-2 printing options in QuickBooks?

When do I need to select my W-2 printing preference?

W-2 self-printing

What are the important self-print dates?

What paper do I need to self-print employee W-2 forms?

How do I order paper to self-print employee W-2 forms?

When should I order paper to self-print employee W-2 forms?

How do I print my W-2 forms?

How to print employer W-2 copies and W-3 forms with the Assisted payroll Self Print option

W-2 Intuit printing services

What are the important Intuit printing service dates?

I selected Intuit Print Service for my W-2 forms. Do I need to do anything else?

When will I be charged for W-2 forms?

Where will employee W-2 forms be mailed?

How can I confirm my W-2 shipping address?

How do I change my W-2 shipping address?

I haven't received my employee W-2 forms. What should I do?

How do I track delivery of my employee W-2 shipment?

W-2 corrections and amendments

When is the deadline to submit W-2 corrections?

What happens if I find errors after my employee W-2s are printed?

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