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Enroll in Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

Learn how to enroll in Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

What is EFTPS? Why do I need to enroll to use it? EFTPS lets you electronically submit payment for 940, 941/944 forms. We explain how to enroll.

Why do I have to enroll to EFTPS?

Regardless where or how you e-pay your 940 and 941/944, you need to enroll to the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) prior to e-paying. In fact, all new businesses are pre-enrolled to EFTPS by the IRS.

The EFTPS is a free service of the U.S. Department of the Treasury that is used by the IRS for employer tax payments. Upon enrolling to EFTPS, you will be given the 4-digit EFTPS PIN and the password. Both credentials are required when e-paying your 940 and 941/944. (For more information, see EFTPS Help and Information) 

Before you get started

There are a few things to know before you get started.


  • An Enhanced Payroll subscription
  • The most recent payroll update
  • Supported QuickBooks Desktop version
  • An internet connection
  • The 4-digit EFTPS PIN and the Internet Password which you get after your enrollment to EFTPS

Note: You only need to enroll to EFTPS once. If you are not sure whether you have been enrolled, call 1.800.555.4477 to check the enrollment status of your EIN/Company.

Forgotten password or PIN

Call 1.800.555.4477 and IRS will resend your PIN by U.S. Mail. The IRS can schedule a payment for you in the meantime if you verify certain information. For security reasons, your PIN must be mailed; it can't be given to you over the phone. See Update your EFTPS Internet Password

Have you used EFTPS before? 

If you have submitted payments to EFTPS before, either through the EFTPS website, EFTPS phone system or through other special channels for payroll providers, tax professionals, financial institutions, and other authorized third parties, you are already enrolled.

You don't have to enroll again and you can use the same 4-digit EFTPS PIN and Internet Password you have to e-pay your 940 and 941/944 in QuickBooks.

If this is your first time to e-pay 940 and 941/944, you need to complete the EFTPS enrollment. Because IRS pre-enroll new businesses, the process in completing the EFTPS enrollment vary depending on when you started your business.

  1. You should have received a letter from the IRS with your four-digit EFTPS PIN.
    • If you didn't, call 1.800.555.4477 and provide your EIN to get your PIN. This is the only situation in which PINs are given over the phone. It is because you haven't yet added banking information to your enrollment.
  2. Call 1.800.555.3453 to activate your enrollment. You'll be asked to enter your EIN, PIN, banking information, and a contact phone number. You'll receive your 18-digit enrollment number, which can be used in creating your password. Important - If you choose to verify the bank account information it will delay making a payment for 6-10 business days. If you choose not to have the bank account number verified, you can begin making payments immediately after all activation steps have been completed. You are responsible for the accuracy of the number entered. If it is incorrect, the financial institution may return the payment and you may incur an IRS penalty for late payment. (For more information, see EFTPS Express Enrollment for New Businesses)
  3. Go to and click the Login tab.
  4. Select the Need a Password link.
  5. Enter the information needed (EIN, 4-digit EFTPS PIN, bank account or last eight digits of your enrollment number), and continue with the process to create your Internet Password.

 Keep the 4-digit EFTPS PIN and the Internet Password. You'll need to enter these credentials every time you submit an e-payment in QuickBooks.

If your business started prior to 2011, follow these instructions for enrollment.

  1. Go to and select the enrollment tab. Follow the instructions to submit your enrollment.
  2. Within 7 to 10 business days, you'll receive your PIN and enrollment number via U.S. Mail.
    Note: If you need to schedule a payment before you receive your PIN, call the IRS at 1.800.555.4477 two business days after completing your enrollment. If the information you provided matched IRS records, an agent can take your payment. For security reasons, the agent won't be able to give you the PIN over the phone.
  3. When you receive your 4-digit EFTPS PIN, go back to
  4.  Select the Login tab.
  5. Enter the information needed (EIN, 4-digit EFTPS PIN, bank account or last eight digits of your enrollment number), and continue with the process to create your password.

Keep the 4-digit EFTPS PIN and the password. You will need to enter these credentials every time you submit an e-payment in QuickBooks Desktop.

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