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Troubleshoot printing in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

Learn how to troubleshoot common print questions for QuickBooks.

All printers are different and it might change the design on the invoice or report when you print. Here's the list of questions to help with print issues.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if the lines on the invoice are missing?

Increase the margins on your standard form to fix the width. To do this:

  1. Open a report, then select the Print icon.
  2. Select QuickBooks.
  3. Select Options or Margins to choose your alignment.
  4. Select Print.

Some printers can't print the width for standard forms. You can use custom forms to have larger margins.

What should I do if the dollar amounts in my invoice doesn't show any cents?

Customize your invoice to decrease its horizontal alignment.

How do I print a logo on my checks?

To print a logo

  1. Go to Print, then select QuickBooks.
  2. Select Logo.
  3. Drag your logo on the box, then select Print company logo.

What should I do if the dates on my printed register are clipped off?

When the dates are clipped off, it's because the report font is too large. To fix this:

  1. Go to Print, then select QuickBooks.
  2. Select Format, then Show Fonts.
  3. Change your font size to 10 or smaller.

What should I do if the text near the edges on my report is missing?

When the text on the edges is missing, it's because the report margins are too small.

  1. Go to File, then select Print Setup.
  2. Select Report/Graph/List.
  3. Increase the size of the margins.

How can I print labels if it's too thick for my printer?

You can print the labels on regular paper. Then, photocopy the names and addresses onto your labels.

How can I print my account descriptions on reports?

QuickBooks doesn't print account descriptions on reports. You can add some details to the account names. If you use numerical accounts, you can have a number and a name print on reports.

  1. Go to Company, then select Preferences.
  2. Select Transactions.
  3. Select the Use account numbers checkbox.

Why does my colored register print in black and white?

QuickBooks prints your register in black and white, even if you've assigned a special color to it.

To customize dialogue on your template QuickBooks Desktop for Mac use the Layout Designer. The Layout Designer is helpful to customize your templates that are in line with your brand. Check out on how to customize your form templates using the Layout Designer.

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