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Recreate a deleted direct deposit payroll liability check

Learn how to recreate a deleted direct deposit payroll liability check in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

Did you delete a direct deposit liability check? This check contains the net amount of all direct deposit paychecks, as well as their corresponding fees, sent in one transmission.

We show you how to confirm it's really deleted (and not just misplaced). And two ways you can recreate it.

Note: The following instructions are intended only for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard, or Enhanced.

For QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted: Sending zero payroll after restoring a backup file will trigger QuickBooks Desktop to recreate all missing liability checks and paychecks — not just the one you want to recreate.

Is the liability missing or misplaced?

Before you recreate the direct deposit liability check, verify that it's deleted. It could be misplaced in a different register.

  1. Go to the Employee Center.
  2. Select the Transactions tab to go to the Transaction Center.
  3. Select Liability Checks.
  4. In the Date field, select the year or quarter that the liability check is in.
  5. Look through the list of liability checks to see if the missing liability check appears. If the liability check is there but not in the register you expected, then the liability check is in the wrong register.
  6. Double-click the liability check to open it. And change the Bank Account to the correct account.
  7. If the liability check is not in the Transaction Center you must recreate the direct deposit liability check.

Recreate the direct deposit liability check

To recreate the check, you can either memorize an existing direct deposit liability check write a replacement check. Choose the method below that best fits your preference.

Memorize Liability Check

  1. Open the check register.
  2. Open a direct deposit liability check from a previous payroll.
  3. On the top menu bar, select Edit and choose Memorize Liability Check.
  4. Select Don't Remind Me. Then select OK.
  5. Select Save & Close.
  6. On the top menu bar choose Lists. Then select Memorized Transaction List.
  7. Double-click on the liability check you memorized.
  8. Edit the liability check so that it contains the same information (check date and amount) as the missing liability check.
  9. Select Recalculate.
  10. Select Save & Close. Then close the Memorized Transaction List.
  11. Look at the register to be sure the liability check is there.
  12. Go to the Direct Deposit Liabilities account to verify that the ending balance is zero.

Write a replacement liability check

  1. Select Banking. Then choose Write Checks.
  2. From the drop-down in the Pay to the Order of field, choose QuickBooks Payroll Services.
  3. Enter the date of the liability check to be one day before the paycheck date.
  4. Select the Expenses tab and choose Payroll Expense account. In the Amount column, enter the total direct deposit fees.
  5. Directly below, choose the Direct Deposit Liabilities account. And in the Amount column, enter the total amount of the employees' payroll.
  6. Verify the amounts are correct:
  7. The Direct Deposit Liabilities account should show a zero amount.

The check register should show the correct balance.

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