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Android / Google Phones & Poor GPS Tracking

At our company, several employees have iPhones, and several have google-based android phones. The GPS tracking with the iPhones works flawlessly, and posts regular locations and pings all the time. The androids, however, all do an absolutely horrible job. This has only been an issue since TSheets / Intuit switched to using Apple Maps for their location tracking. 

I’ve had all the employees and our IT department go over each device again and again, following every meticulous step outlined in all of the Intuit tutorials, discussions, and how-to articles without any resolution. 

Employees can continue to clock in and out, with a required GPS locator option turned on, and no location will be tracked. They’ll go on a 40 mile drive, and a location will get tracked  Maybe every 20 miles and at the destination, IF WE’RE LUCKY! Employees with an iPhone on the same drive post over what seems to be a hundred locations. 

What needs to be done to rectify this issue!? Help!

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Android / Google Phones & Poor GPS Tracking

Hi @Antonio_4346.


Thanks for checking in with the Community for help with GPS tracking. I appreciate all of the details you’ve provided. You’ve really been thorough and I'd like to help get this straightened out.


The best thing to do at this point is to have those folks that are having tracking difficulties send in mobile logs. Our product support team can take a look and them and determine what is happening. To be clear, each person will send a log from their mobile device, here’s how:


Sign in to QuickBooks Time on the mobile device:

  1. Click More (bottom right).
  2. Then choose Settings.
  3. Select Help & Support.
  4. Click Send in device logs.
  5. Enter a description of the problem and click Upload.


Once your affected team members have sent in the mobile logs, please have an Admin contact our support team. When they are connected to support, let them know that you have uploaded mobile logs and the support team can retrieve them, take a look, and determine the next steps.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions about sending mobile logs, or anything else. I’m here to help.

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Android / Google Phones & Poor GPS Tracking

I am having the same exact issue with our employees!  The iphones work flawlessly, the Android phones do not track their locations at all while they are clocked in! This too has happened ever since it switched to Quickbooks Time.  SO FRUSTRATING!!!! I have asked for help, but nothing works.  Quickbooks Time needs to fix this issue SOON or I will be switching to another app.


Android / Google Phones & Poor GPS Tracking

Hey allyleonard,


I understand the importance of the GPS being accurate as it relates to your employees. The best way to look into this issue is by following the steps my colleague MonicaM3 mentioned, such as sending in the mobile logs from the affected phones and then contacting support and asking that they take a look at them. The reason being, they can then escalate the logs to our Tech Team if needed.


Please let me know how the conversation goes. If you have any questions, my team and I are ready to assist you! Be safe and enjoy the rest of your day.

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