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Employee cannot log in to tsheets

I have an employee who has tried to reset his password 1 too many times when doing the security update.  I have reinvited him twice to reset everything and he still cannot get past the security update screen on his phone.


What do I do to fix this?

QuickBooks Team

Employee cannot log in to tsheets

Thank you for joining us today, @larirg.


Currently, the option to reset employee password for TSheets is unavailable. Rest assured, our engineers are working with Tsheets to get this option up and working again as soon as possible.


In the meantime, I recommend contacting TSheets Support so you'll be added to this list of affected users. This way, you'll receive updates via email as progress is made towards a solution.


I'm also attaching this guide in case you need help in troubleshooting TSheets mobile. 


Keep me posted if you have other questions or concerns. I'm more than willing to assist you. Take care and have a nice day.


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Employee cannot log in to tsheets

Sheila -  THank you for the reply.  How do I get on the customer support list for updates?  I cannot find a link to do this an there is no phone #.  I would appreciate knowing when the problem is fixed.






Employee cannot log in to tsheets

Hello @larirg,


The investigation about the customers who are unable to login with TSheets is still on-going. We're unable to provide the turnaround time as to when this will be fixed.


With this, you can reach our live support through the contact details below so you'll receive all available updates via email message.

  • Call: 888-836-2720

  • Chat: Bottom left corner of your TSheets in Desktop

Additionally, I've got you his helpful reference for a compilation of articles you can use while working with TSheets: About TSheets Company Settings.


If you have any other questions, feel free, and let me know by leaving any comments below. Stay safe!

Level 1

Employee cannot log in to tsheets

So is there any information about being able to change a password?  I am over a week now with an employee that I have to manually enter his information.  Would like to know what is going on please.


Employee cannot log in to tsheets

Hey there @larirg, I am happy to take a look at this password reset issue with you today. 

With these kinds of login issues, it's best for the employee to speak with a support rep directly so the rep can pull up the account and perform the steps to restore their access. I would recommend having your employee reach out to TSheets support directly for this reason.  


This article will provide the best ways to get ahold of our TSheets support team. 


If you have further questions on this, please feel free to reach back out! Take care.



Level 2

Employee cannot log in to tsheets

I am having the same issue with an employee. They called and had a wait of 45 minutes, before even being able to speak to a human. Then, when they actually spoke to someone, they were told they cannot help them. 

QuickBooks Team

Employee cannot log in to tsheets

Thanks for reaching out with your concern, @CraigHow.


If you'd like to share here the error your employee is seeing, I'm happy to work with you on finding a resolution. 


Additionally, your employees will manage their own passwords and can always head to and sign in using their email or username.  Here, they can update their password and security information on their own to save time. 


Let me know how this goes, and please know I'm happy to help with anything else.



Level 1

Employee cannot log in to tsheets

Assist with what exactly??

You fix nothing, help in no way, send people needing help in useless loops that go nowhere.  Unbelievable!

Worst site in history.

I keep trying to get my company to get rid of Tsheets.  No luck so far...but I will absolutely keep after them.

QuickBooks Team

Employee cannot log in to tsheets

Hello @1SteveB. I appreciate you coming to the Community about your experience. It sounds like communicating with support has been tough and we definitely want to help fix that. 


We strive for the Community to be a helpful place for our customers. If you have more details about what your employees are experiencing, along with any error messages, I'm happy to take a look and come up with some next steps. 


I'm hoping we can turn this around and help you out! Please don't hesitate to reply to this post. :)

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