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Exporting hours without locking timesheets?

I am trying to setup t-sheets the way i need it to work and i am running into a problem. Solid chance i am missing something but i tried every combination of search questions i could fit into google and still nothing.


when we do a job we invoice it upon delivery of our finished product, our invoices are based on our time into the project, most of the time, which i want to start tracking on T sheets and most times we have hours into it the same day we invoice it.

The problem i am having is for example:

Say we are mostly done with a project, most of the project was done this week/pay period and i send someone out for an hour in the morning to finish one thing and after that i can build the invoice to send off. From how i understand it right now i have to log everyone off, export time sheets, then they are locked for the pay period.


Currently we keep paper weekly sheets with the jobs and hours on them and i have to manually update them into the "weekly time sheet" on quick books the day of whatever we are billing so i have the most up to date hours.

Is there any way to NOT have to bump everyone off every time i need to export time sheets for a job done on the same day? if not that's not a huge deal, just a major PITA. And is there any way that it doesn't lock after every export? that's really key because if i have to unlock everything, after every export, every time i have to send a bill, then re-log everyone in, that's not saving any time compared to just typing them in manually really.

I initially thought this was supposed to be integrated into QB, so if i put something into T-sheets it would just show up on the weekly time sheet in QB after an import/export....but that apparently isn't the case.....

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Exporting hours without locking timesheets?

Hi there @Enekuda! Welcome to the community. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain the situation. You're right, it's a bit of a tough one. At this time,  there is no way to export time to QuickBooks without locking it for the day. This is largely to ensure that payroll and invoices are as accurate as possible and that no hours are missed or adjusted after they've gone out for payment. 


You are able to approve time selectively in the Approvals report, to avoid everyone having to be clocked out. For example, you can export time for specific employees or export time for a custom time period. However, if exporting the current day for an employee still on the clock, it will require them to clock out and prevent them from tracking more time that day, which I understand is the frustrating part in your case. 


I am more than happy to create this as a feature request on your behalf if you are interested. Our developer team loves to hear feedback like this and does their best to accommodate our community's needs. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get that set up for you!



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Exporting hours without locking timesheets?

I would like to bump this request as well. Really frustrating not being able to bill out a job without being able to continue working on other jobs in the same day. Work arounds like moving the time worked today on a project to be billed to a previous day is an accounting nightmare and the excuse that it is to protect ourselves from missing time being billed is a lame excuse at best. Sorry, not trying to be rude here but it's a little nuts this has not been addressed yet.


Exporting hours without locking timesheets?

Hello @joshhuggins, thank you for reaching out to us here at The Community, my name is Sherissa.


I will totally put in a feature request on your behalf to our developers about what you are looking for, I can empathize with you that it can be frustrating trying to bill time on the same day, it is just not feasible at this time.


If you need anything else from us please reach back out to us any time!

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Exporting hours without locking timesheets?

Hi, same thing for our family business. We often need to invoice at the end of a given job and continue working the rest of the day without the day locking. You should be able to approve all time logged under a specific customer without locking the day. This is a frustrating constraint of the time feature.

QuickBooks Team

Exporting hours without locking timesheets?

Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback, @atimmer21.


I can absolutely see why this would be beneficial.  Being able to approve partial time is a popular request, so I hope to see it in the future for our customers. Although it is not possible within the product at this time, I'm happy to share this feedback with our Development team! 


 As a reminder, you can always submit feedback on our product for future improvements! This is extremely valuable for us to continue to improve the customer experience. Here's how: 

  1. Go to
  2. At the bottom, select Suggest an idea.
  3. Enter your idea, then select Post a new idea or Vote for an existing idea.
  4. Optional: Select a category.
  5. Describe the idea, and select Post idea.

If you have any other questions, please know I'm only a post away and eager to help! Have a wonderful Tuesday. 


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