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Exporting to Gusto

My pay period just ended yesterday. But when I try to export approved time I get the following message:


The date range 2020-12-21 - 2021-01-03 does not match a currently open Gusto pay-period.


So I log into Gusto, and my  "Things to do" list reminds me to run payroll for this period. However, since I cannot export the time from T-Sheets I have no way of running payroll.


What next?

QuickBooks Team

Exporting to Gusto

Hey there, @bsimmons0527.


Since those dates have passed, your pay period is already closed and not open for TSheets to export time into. Gusto requires that you submit the approved time before the pay period is complete. This can be adjusted in Gusto:


  • In the Pay Schedule options in Gusto, change the Pay Date to “X” days after Work Done Period.
  • Three to four days is recommended, to account for weekends/holidays. 
  • This sets up a “buffer time” between the pay period end date and when time needs to be submitted for payroll.


For that pay period to open up, you'll have to reach out to Gusto support. Gusto can reverse the payroll to open the pay period back up. After they do this, run an import within your TSheets account and that should update TSheets with the correct open pay period and allow you to export time.


Thank you for your time and I hope you have an excellent day. 

Level 1

Exporting to Gusto

I spoke to Gusto rep and asked to have payroll reversed to allow for hours to be exported.


The rep who then reached out to manager for assistance.  According to Gusto the payroll dates are open and that the issue is T-Sheets related. 


A solution option they offered was for me to  (1) remove the T-Sheets to Gusto integration, then (2) reconnect the T-Sheets to Gusto integration, then (3)  try to export the hours.


QuickBooks Team

Exporting to Gusto

Hey there, @bsimmons.


At this point, your best bet will be connecting with TSheets support directly, and then having them call Gusto with you on the line. Removing the integration may work, but if the pay period is showing as closed on the TSheets side, there isn't much they can do without Gusto. 


This article will help you get in touch with our TSheets team, so we can get this straightened out for you: Contact TSheets Support.


If you have additional questions within TSheets, please let me know, I'm here to help. 

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