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Health Screening Questionnaire

I am wondering if there is an add on out there where we could have our employees answer the Covid-19 prescreen health questions through the Tsheets app everyday before they clock in? It would be a really cool feature to offer.

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Health Screening Questionnaire

Hello @tesomers, thank you for reaching out to us here in the Community, while there isn't a specific option for what you are looking for, there is something we can achieve with existing features.


You can use the Custom Fields option that you can find within the Feature Add-ons to create a Questionnaire with either an option to choose their answer from a dropdown list you create or you can make it a text option where they can type in their own answers!


Here is a great example of setting up a Custom Field:

  • Login into your TSheets account
  • Select Feature Add-ons on the left side navigation
  • Select Manage Add-ons from the sub-menu
  • Locate Custom Fields
    • If not already installed, Click Install
    • If already installed, Click Preferences
  • Click the blue +Add Field button
  • Select Timesheet Field
    • Name the Field (example: Are you experiencing any signs of COVID-19?) ~ 40 character max. limit
    • Skip short code - it is not a necessary field
    • Choose Type: List
      • This will allow you to create a drop down list option, I usually put 1 option for 'Yes' & 1 option for 'No'
    • Options:
      • Check if you want this field to be Required
      • Check to Show for All Jobs/Customers
  • Click the +Add Item
    • Name: "Yes"
    • Click the back arrow in the top left corner
    • Repeat this step for a "No" option
  • Save

You can also have our Customer Support Team assist you with making Custom Fields dependent on each other, for example:

  • Locate Custom Fields
    • If already installed, Click Preferences
  • Click the blue +Add Field button
  • Select Timesheet Field
    • Name the Field : (example: If Yes, list signs you are experiencing) ~ 40 character max. limit
    • Choose Type: Text
    • Make it Required
    • Do not Show for all Jobs/Customers
  • Save

Then you will want to reach out to the Support Team and they can make it so when a user chooses 'Yes' to the 1st question that the 2nd question populates for them to answer.

You could also create one for them to add a Temperature if you are having them take their Temperature every day!


I love that you are going to be using TSheets to make sure your team is staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times, if you need anything else please let us know.

Level 1

Health Screening Questionnaire

This is great! I would be interested in that additional field that would drop down for them to fill in if they answer yes. Can you help get me set up with that? Also, do you know how I can pull a report that shows all of the information that I am recording from this?


Health Screening Questionnaire

Hey there @tesomers! I see that @sberti has already helped you here in creating a custom field! I can assist you with creating a report to show you the results of this field. 

The best place to do this will be the "Project Report", (sometimes the "Itemized Total Time"). Let me have you click on:

1. Reports
2. Click on Project Report  (sometimes the Itemized Total Time)
3. Choose the Report dates (by week, by pay period or Custom Date Range)
4. Choose the date range you would like to see reported on
5. If you want to know specific employees, you can click "all employees" and just choose one or two, or leave this alone if you want to know for all employees.
6. Under Custom Fields check the selections you would like to report on
7. Click "Run Report"

That will give you the information pertaining to these custom fields within this date range.  I recommend clicking the little blue "View Timesheets" button at the top of the report to view in a different way.


For the second part of your question, you will want to call or chat in to create a item dependency field.  Our awesome support team will be able to help you add this secondary field! You can chat in and request this help by going to and click "Chat with us!" in the lower right hand corner.


If you have additional questions please feel free to reply, otherwise, have a great rest of your day!

Level 1

Health Screening Questionnaire

this does not work... i have qb desktop 2021 and there is no option in tsheets to select a "timesheet field" under the add field section

Level 1

Health Screening Questionnaire

this does not work... the option to select a timesheet field is not there

QuickBooks Team

Health Screening Questionnaire

Hi there, @sarahredironconstruction.


Since you're unable to see this Timesheet field in TSheets when clicking the + Add Field button, I'd recommend calling our TSheets Support Team. From there, they'll be able to see if the field is existing, or you'll have to create this one using their back end tools and assist you to see this.


Before reaching TSheet's support, you may need to check our assisting hours and contact them in your free time.


For more details about the steps that have been shared by my colleagues, you can refer to this video article: Set up and manage custom fields in TSheets. It covers how to archive and restore custom fields in TSheets.


I'd be happy to hear things from you regarding TSheets if you need further assistance. I'll keep my notifications open. Take care!

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