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I've recently added holiday for an employee and due to a change of circumstances I've had to remove it. I've done this in the time off section and doesn't show against the employee in there but when I check the schedule it still shows the employee as being on holiday. How can I remove this? 



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QuickBooks Team


Hi @PerfectG79, happy to have you in the Community! Glad you were able to delete that time off, but it sounds like it is still showing up in the schedule. Just to clarify, was this done within the TSheets App or the web browser? If it is within the app, I recommend forcing a sync between the app and the browser.


  • Touch the gray bubble in the upper left hand corner in the app
  • Along the bottom, touch the two arrows going in a circle (this forces a sync)
  • Message will appear when sync is finished

If you deleted the time off in the TSheets browser, I would suggest starting with some browser troubleshooting. Sometimes browsers hold onto old information even when you refresh, so clearing cache and cookies is a great place to start. 

If you clear cache and cookies in your browser and still see the time off, let's choose a different browser and login to TSheets to see if it that time off is still showing up. This helps me determine if the browser is being tricky or not and that is the reason we keep seeing that time off in the Schedule. 


Out of curiosity, does the employee see the time off in their TSheets web/app?


Looking forward to your response @PerfectG79 and continuing to troubleshoot with you:)

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Hi Kiala_S


I've tried from different browsers and even different computers and the holidya is still showing on the schedule. 


Its not a major problem and we can work around it. I just wanted to bring to your attention that there is a fault with your systems. 

QuickBooks Team


Thanks for updating me @PerfectG79! I am so glad it isn't a huge problem that affects your work too much, but since that time off is still sticking around the next best steps would be to contact our TSheets support agents. They can dig into your account to pinpoint what might be causing the issue. You can let them know you talked to me here in the Community and we completed basic troubleshooting. If you would like to do that, there are two ways:

  • Call 888-836-2720 to get in touch with a live TSheets expert
  • From within your account use the "Chat With Us" button to chat in with our experts

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and please do not hesitate to reach out with any other questions. Have a wonderful week!

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