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Invalid phone numbers

Is anyone else having trouble getting TSheets to accept phone numbers starting with 022 ?


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Invalid phone numbers

We haven't received any reports regarding this matter, Cils.


We can do browser troubleshooting steps to ensure that we're not missing anything. Cache helps your browser or device's background processes run smoothly. However, it can also cause unexpected results when piled up. Here's how to get rid of any cache-related concerns:

  1. Open a private browser and log in to your account. It uses but doesn't store cache.
  2. If you can enter the phone number successfully,  we can go back to your regular browser and clear the cache.
  3. Other supported browsers are good alternatives, too. Each of them uses a different cache.

You might also find this link helpful when getting started with TSheets: QuickBooks Time Administrator's Getting Started Guide.


If the same thing happens, I'd recommend contacting the TSheets Support Team to further review the situation. Here are some links to reach them: 

We got your back if you need anything else. Have a great day!

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Invalid phone numbers

Thank you - we managed to get the phone number accepted with the suggestions, however we are now getting the attached message.  This is the 2nd employee who we are having this problem with.  I have twice emailed TSheets support regarding this but have not received any acknowledgement or reply.


Invalid phone numbers

Thanks for getting back to us @Cils.


I’d be happy to help, however, I didn’t see an attachment. Could you post the message here so I can look into it, please?

I see that you have emailed TSheets for support. TSheets doesn’t have an email support team, did you see that option somewhere? If so, can you let me know where? I’d like to let our product team know so they can update that.

I’ll keep an eye out for your reply so we can get this squared away. Thanks!

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Invalid phone numbers

Thank you, Monica,
Here is the attachment again (hope it comes through this time).
The email address I was given and was sending messages to was [email address removed]
Is that not a thing anymore?



Invalid phone numbers

Good morning, @Cils! Thank you for returning to the Community and re-attaching that screenshot. It's so helpful for us to see the error so we can figure out the next steps. 


I also wanted to address your comment about emailing TSheets because that option was removed awhile back. We found that we couldn't best help our customers through email and it was taking agents too long to respond. Now you have the option to call, chat, and of course post here in the Community. :)


One thing I can suggest for your employees to do is to log in to They can put in their same login information and even reset their password. If they do get logged in there, that same login should work in TSheets.


If that doesn't work their best bet is to reach out to support directly. All they need is the company name, (the admin name also helps), and the company url. The company url is found when you're logged into TSheets and is in the format of The options to contact support are to call us at 888-836-2720, or they can chat in from with the "Chat with us" button. 


As always, we're happy to help you in the Community with any other questions you have. Don't hesitate to reply to this post if needed!



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Invalid phone numbers

We have tried signing into the URL you gave us and we received an error message.

We now have 3 new employees who are unable to access and log in to TSheets.  It is getting very frustrating.

The phone numbers you gave us are American numbers and we are based in New Zealand so would much prefer some way of having direct contact with a helpdesk.

QuickBooks Team

Invalid phone numbers

Hello, Cils. 


May I know what error message you've encountered when you tried to log in? Don't worry, I'll make sure you'll be able to connect with our support hassle-free. To contact our Tsheet support, you can check this article: Contact TSheets support. Your employees can reach out to us directly, and we can help them get logged in. 


Support is available Monday-Friday 6 am - 6 pm Pacific Time.


Additionally, I do have this very detailed step-by-step guide, that includes a video about resetting passwords. Try that out and let us know how it goes if your employees are still having issues after, take notes of any error messages they are getting and let us know so we can continue to troubleshoot with you.  


Please let me know if I can help you with anything else! Have a great rest of you day.

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