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Locking Tsheets / Quickbook Time entries for previous month


Sometimes some of our contractors will enter in times for the previous week that they forgot to enter. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be after we have already billed the client for their time. So, we end up paying for their hours but since the invoice is already out the client doesn't get charged for it because we didn't have any visibility into the change. :(

Is there a way for us to, when we run invoices, lock all entries for a specific time period? For instance:

  1. Run Tsheets/Quickbook Time report on the 1st day of a new month
  2. Add the reported tsheet hours to the client's invoice
  3. Lock all entries for the previous month in Tsheetes/Quickbook Time


Of course, I'd want to know what we can go back in and settle up with the contractor, I just want to be able to bill the client for the hours he forgot to enter.

Thanks for your help!

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Locking Tsheets / Quickbook Time entries for previous month

Hey there, CDD_UAA.


Thanks for turning to the Community for support. I'd be glad to provide some info regarding locking in time entries in your QuickBooks Time account.


Time entries can be locked in by approving them on your side. Just to make sure, are you currently using the Approval Report to get this done? Doing so will "lock" in the times and prevent any edits from being made unless the time is unapproved.


The following linked article provides even more info about approving, unapproving, and rejecting timesheets in QuickBooks Time.


By completing the approval process you'll be able to secure the time entries for your contractors. Please don't hesitate to reach back out if you have any other questions!

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