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Reset Password and Invite Not Working


One of our crew cannot access TSheets on their mobile.

I have sent a new invite.

I also tried resetting his password, however, the invite code did not allow me to either enter the account or reset the password.


I tried the Chat Now (Message an Agent) - but this is also not working.

I don't see any email address for support.


The only option I have left is to post here..


Hoping someone can help me out.




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Reset Password and Invite Not Working

I'm happy to help with this, @mhb2.


Let's get your employee logged in!  If your employees have previously logged into QuickBooks Time, they won't need you to resend this invite. Instead, they can just use the same login credentials they used previously. 


If they're unsure of this information, they can head to to verify or update this information for themselves.


Because they're signing in with the app, make sure they're clicking the "Login with Intuit" option.


Additionally, make sure they have the newest version of the app from the app or Google play store.


I'd love to hear how this goes.  If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reply to this post. All of us here in the Community are eager to help!

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Reset Password and Invite Not Working

The user has forgotten the login details and was unable to reset their password due to technical difficulties.

Please advise.


Reset Password and Invite Not Working

I'm glad you came back with this update, @mhb2.


Good news here. Your employee can head to and log in here with even a phone number or email associated with the account to verify login information! 


I see you said they are having a bit of trouble.  Can you share what technical difficulties they're experiencing? Any errors you can share will enable me to better understand what to do next! 


I look forward to hearing from you! 

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Reset Password and Invite Not Working

Mobile login doesn't work. Mobile number is not recognised.


When the email address is entered, the next screen says a 6-digit pin is sent to the email inbox.

When the 6-digit pin is entered, it goes straight to the home screen "".

It does not give me an opportunity to reset or set the password, or access the account...


Reset Password and Invite Not Working

Good morning! Thank you for coming back to the Community @mhb2. I have a suggestion for your employee.


Just to verify, are they logging into on the web? The web offers the best experience and shows you all your options for resetting your password and logging in. It's a better method than trying to reset your password through the app.


If they aren't sure of their credentials have them click on "Try Something Else":



That will then bring them to this screen to enter in their info:



Once they're successfully logged into, they can use that same login info in the QuickBooks Time app.


Please feel free to reply to this post with any other questions. We're all more than happy to help!



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