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3rd party invoicing integration issues with QBO

I have been using QBO for a couple years and have yet to see any issues I have had resolved, so I am looking for help on my two current and biggest issues.


Issue#1- QBO allows a default tax code per customer under "edit" in customer, however there is no option for a default Class. I track sales by classes, which I have setup as the states / Cities that have different tax codes that I work in, ex. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Philadelphia. This is a nuisance to have to remember to select the class on every invoice as I am very busy and usually tired when I get around to paperwork and this is easily missed.


Issue #2- I am using Servicebox as my work order and invoicing system, I was previously using FieldPromax2, and this issue pertains to both of them in regards to invoices pushing through to QBO. When the invoices come through, the default tax codes are not there in QBO. They are setup to be linked with the tax codes in QBO and Servicebox, but simply will not show up on the synced invoice, so again, I have to enter the appropriate tax code on every single invoice which is easily a mistake waiting to happen. 


With these systems, in today's technology, these issues should not be, after all, the whole point of these systems are to save time and help prevent human error. 

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3rd party invoicing integration issues with QBO

assigning class to a customer, an item or an account has not been a QB function for decades, and only recently has that function been added to the high dollar desktop enterprise version.


if you have the default tax code, different ones for different locations, have you tried reporting on that tax code to sort your customers?  Or on the additional info tab is a field for customer type, have you considered creating a type per location and using that tag?


I can not help with the third party software integration, but as a thought, if you are invoicing in another software, why not just make daily or weekly summary entries in QB

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3rd party invoicing integration issues with QBO

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I’ve only been using Quick Books for a couple of years so I’m not familiar with how new the “class” feature is. It seems to me if it’s an option, it should be easily configured to customers / sub customers. Working in several states with many different tax codes that I have to report and file monthly calls for a strong need for a seamless reporting. With the class feature I can quickly pull reports on all the required filing fields by the states / counties. Without it, I would have to pull reports by selecting specific customers / sub customers which allows room for mistakes, which is exactly what I was doing prior to setting up the classes. Manually hitting the class on each invoice is not a big deal, until I forget to select it. 


As as far as the weekly summary entries, I do all my billing throughout the week, then the bulk of it on the weekends. It’s just me doing it all and it’s a lot. I don’t trust anyone to handle it, if I can make a mistake, I know someone else will. It’s a matter of things that are already setup, just not flowing to the invoice in QBO which is double entry. Thanks again for your response. 

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