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Accounts Payable report by customer?

Hello there.  I create a bill when invoices are received and I assign the customer for whom the invoice was for.  However, when I pull an AP report and add the customer field, the report returns a blank field.  I am properly adding the customer field but the report doesn't populate.  


The same process works for A/R.  What am I doing wrong?  



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Accounts Payable report by customer?

Hi there, arianna118,

I want to make sure we're able to resolve your concern with your A/P report. I just need more details about the issue.


May I know what A/P report did you pull up in QuickBooks? Any information or screenshots you can attach to this thread is extremely helpful for us to narrow things down.


I'm looking forward to your response, arianna118. Please feel free to fill me in whenever you get a chance.

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