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Advanced Reporting Sales Report that *Includes* an Item (not a simple filter)

I'd like to create a sales report that shows the value of all invoices that *include* a specific item. (I do not want the value of the sales of only that item on the invoices so any standard report that filters by Item will not work.)


Example: Items are called ABC, DEF, GHI and JKL

Invoice #1 is:

ABC 1 x $5.00

DEF 1 x $1.00

GHI 2 x $3.00

Total +$12.00


Invoice #2 is:

ABC 2 x $5.00

JKL 1 x $4.00

Total +$14.00


So, when I search for ALL invoices that *include* ABC item, invoices #1 and #2 would appear in the report for a total value of +$26.00


Thank you!


QuickBooks Team

Advanced Reporting Sales Report that *Includes* an Item (not a simple filter)

Thank you for reaching out to us, @actg.


I am here to help walk you through filtering your reports page to generate a detailed invoice report. 


QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has an array of reports that you can access and filter to suit your business. Although, there is no exact report type that you can access to the data you want, you need not to worry. You can open Transactions Details by Customer report and filter it to show all of your invoices and its details.


 For additional insights, you may check out these articles:

That should do it! This should let you generate Invoice Details report. Have a great day ahead!

Level 1

Advanced Reporting Sales Report that *Includes* an Item (not a simple filter)

Hi! This is actually not helpful. Is this a standard reply to posted messages?

QuickBooks Team

Advanced Reporting Sales Report that *Includes* an Item (not a simple filter)

Hi actg, 


Thanks for bringing this matter to my attention and providing your insights about the resolution above. I have some additional details to share regarding your concern. 


I've verified and looked for other available reports in QuickBooks Desktop which can give such details. Just as what my colleague @IamjuViel mentioned above, the program doesn't have a report specifically to your need. 


We recognize that each company has unique needs and I can see how having a standard report of this type would empower your business. I'll prepare a feedback statement to send up to our product engineers. It'd be best if you can also send this as a suggestion directly to them so they'll know the changes we both want to see in the future.


To do so, click Help at the top menu bar, then select Send Feedback Online


If you're using the Advanced Reporting feature, I suggest you to contact the members of our Intuit Resellers Program (IRP). We have experts in QlikView, or Accounting Principles and Expressions for help with creating the sales report you need. Please be reminded that fees may apply.


For more information, check out the article below:


QuickBooks Advanced Reporting (QBAR) FAQ's


Keep in touch with me on how the report goes, I want to ensure your success. Hoping you have a wonderful holiday season.

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