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After updating my billing and payment information, how long does it take to use my quickbooks account.

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Re: After updating my billing and payment information, how long does it take to use my quickbooks...

It's great to see you here, @trentinspections,


Thanks for choosing Quickbooks as your business partner. I can share some information about updating your billing information for your QBO account.


After you update the billing information, your data is prepared by our system, which may take 24 hours to complete. Once successful, your account gets updated immediately.


However, if you're still unable to access your company file, it's possible that the update isn't successful, or Intuit is having trouble getting authorization with your payroll billing information. In this case, you might want to check with your bank if the charge did go through or not.


I'd also recommend contacting our QuickBooks Online Care Team to help check the status of your account. We have phone agents who handle QuickBooks billing issues. They'll be able to verify your subscription and can help check why you're still locked up. Here's how:


  1. Click the (?) Help menu at the top right section of your QBO Dashboard.
  2. Tap the Contact us button.


However, if the billing update went through, you can try accessing your account in a private window. Here are some keyboard shortcuts you can try:

  • Google Chrome: press Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Internet Explorer: press Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari: press Command + Shift + N

If you can access your account in the incognito session, you can switch back to regular browsing then clear the browser's cache. Doing this will clear the large data stored in the system which causes issues in your web pages performance. 


Here's a great article to guide you with updating your billing in QBO: Update your credit card information


That should get you on the right track. Please let me know how it goes by clicking the Reply button below. I want to make sure we get to the bottom of this. Have a good one!

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