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An item needed to appear when i enter bill against inventory nothing appeared what did i do wrong

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QuickBooks Team

An item needed to appear when i enter bill against inventory nothing appeared what did i do wrong

Hi there, paulguevarais.


When entering bill against inventory, you'll need to create first a purchase order then, received inventory without bill. This way, to show the received items.


Please follow the steps below on how to create Purchase Order. Before doing that, make sure you turn on the P.O settings.


1. From Home Page, choose Purchase Orders.

2. In the Vendor drop-down, select the vendor you'd like to create a purchase order for.

3. From the Items drop-down list, select an inventory item or the items you've order.

4. Fill in the other necessary fields.

5. Hit the Save and close button.


Once done, you can now start record a receipt of inventory items that arrived without a bill to keep your inventory up to date.


Follow these steps:


1. Choose Received Inventory in the Home Page.

2. Select Receive Inventory without bill.

3. Choose the vendor.

4. You'll be prompted with Open purchase orders exist for this vendor. Do you want to receive against one or more of these orders. choose Yes to confirm.

5. A new window appears (Open Purchase Orders). Put a checkmark beside the date column.

6. Hit the OK button.

7. Choose Save&Close.


After that, you can already enter a bill against inventory with an item. For additional information about entering bills against your inventory, you can refer to this article: Enter bills against inventory.


After recording what you owe in QuickBooks Desktop, you can use Pay Bills to settle your payables for different vendors. Please check this article to see the steps: Pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop.

Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Wishing you and your business continued success.

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