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Average days to pay report for QB Mac?

Is it possible to make an Average Days to Pay report for customers in QB Mac?  I can see that it is possible in desktop PC and that it is not possible in QB online, but I don't see anything about the Mac Desktop version.  Or is there a work around that someone has found?  I can't even seem to find a report that shows payments with the invoice number that they paid, so I can export and manually calculate this in Excel.




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QuickBooks Team

Re: Average days to pay report for QB Mac?

Hello there, beccabookkeeper.


You've reached the right support that can help you get the reports you need in QuickBooks for Mac.


Good news. We can run the Deposit Detail report to show payments with invoice number. I'd be glad to walk you through the whole steps below:

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Click Banking.
  3. Choose Deposit Detail.
  4. Click the Funnel icon to filter the report.
  5. Under Transaction Type, choose Invoice.

Here are some helpful resources that you can refer to be more familiar with using QuickBooks Desktop for Mac:

You should be all set. If there's anything else you want to know more about reports, just fill me in and I'd be happy to assist.

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