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Bad API Design for Report Entities


The Current API design of Report entities makes it nearly as tough as it gets for getting and populating data of reports(BS, P/L).

See below API response, 

{"ColData":[{"value":"Total Bank Accounts"},{"value":"15500.00"}]}


In this example above we get 2 keys i.e value,value Suppose i want to have some alignment or some other stuff with either of the cols how i must do it ? 

Currently i have to check with the data type of col.

Wouldn't it be more correct to have 1 key as title and other as value ?


And API itself is too complex to integrate, The complex hierarchy makes it a tough job for integrating it. API's must be simple isn't it ?



QuickBooks Team

Re: Bad API Design for Report Entities

I can route you to the right support, MohdShoaib.


Intuit has separate forums called Intuit Developer where you can post questions related to the current API design for report entities. You can click this link to route you over to the developer's forum:


Then, choose the product you're using under the What do you need help with? section. Once done, click the Ask a question tab to get an answer from one of the experts.


You can always visit the Community if you need anything else.

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Re: Bad API Design for Report Entities

Ok, Added on developer forum

QuickBooks Team

Re: Bad API Design for Report Entities

That's great to hear, MohdShoaib.


Let's wait from one of our developers' answers with regard to your concern. You can reply to the posted documentation if you have additional questions regarding with your API concern.


Feel free to visit the Community if you have questions about QuickBooks Online.