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Balance Sheet Equity report problem


We are an LLC Partnership with two 50/50 principals. We do not take a salary, but instead take ongoing partner draws. We have set up partner draws as:

Equity / Partner Distributions / Owner 1
Equity / Partner Distributions / Owner 2

I want to see Partner Draws for the year. When I run a Balance Sheet for this year to date, QB is totaling the Equity amount across two years. I am running the report for This Year-to-date, but the total for partner draw Equity is not right... the total it shows is cumulative across two years.How to fix this?


OR -- is this because Balance Sheet reports are always cumulative? If so, then how to run a Year-to-date Equity Report for Partner Draws?

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Balance Sheet Equity report problem



If you're looking for just a simple report that shows the payouts for the equity account, it's a lot easier.


Go to Chart of Accounts.  Locate the  Partner Distributions account and run a "quick report" on it.  You can set the date range for any transactions hitting that account.


If you only have 1  Partner Distributions account with entries for both partners, then group the totals by Name.

(picture below)

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