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Bank register does not match chart of accounts

One of my bank registers does not match the chart of accounts balance. When I go into the register the balance is correct; however the amount when viewing the COA and the balance sheet are off. What perplexes me even more is that is affect 2 of my bank accounts by the same amount in the opposite directions. I have researched this and run the file doctor, rebuilt the data and resorted the list. Nothing corrects it. I found in one forum that it may have something to do with the cached data which is usually fixed during a rebuild. Has anyone else experience

QuickBooks Team

Re: Bank register does not match chart of accounts

Hi there, Melodie Jackson.


Thank you for posting here in the QuickBooks Community.


It could be the date on your Balance Sheet Summary is incorrectly set, which is why the balances do not match.


Let's check and correct the As of date your report balance matches with the COA and bank register.


Here's how: 


1. At the top, select Reports, then Company & Financial.
2. Click the Balance Sheet Summary.
3. On the page, click the drop-down arrow under Dates.
4. Select All.


Once done, it should reflect the Balance Sheet and the Charts of Accounts match.

You can check out this article to customize any report that you generate: Customize reports in QuickBooks Desktop.


Also, you can refer to this article for more references and provide you solutions if your Balance Sheet is out of balance on an accrual basis: Resolve a Balance Sheet out of balance on an accrual basis.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you succeed with QuickBooks.​

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Re: Bank register does not match chart of accounts

I finally got a rebuild to work and it corrected the COA. What I had forgotten is that QB does NOT like to rebuild across a network. I loaded a back-up restore to my workstation desktop and performed the rebuild. I then loaded the new file on the network and the COA was correct and balanced to the list, balance sheet and register. The unfortunate thing with this process was a predator company that called me 1-hour after my initial post. They implied that they were from QB tech support and proceeded to falsify information concerning my database and told me it would cost over $6,000 to fix the program--but they would "throw in a QB enterprise subscription for FREE". I have informed QB support of this company and urge other users to be wary and careful as they are preying on our forums.

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