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Budget and forecast reporting

Is there a way to run a report or manipulate a current report to show budget vs. forecast?  This seems like a very common comparison that business would want to make.

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Budget and forecast reporting

Hey there, @kyoung24. Happy to provide some insight here.


Budgeting and forecasting are two of the most significant financial tools for a business of any size. Budgeting and forecasting are frequently connected together, as they ought to be, yet they're not the same. While budgeting and forecasting have different uses, they do share some similarities. Truth be told, an acceptable forecast takes care of the advancement of a sound budget. During the year, comparing the latest forecast with the budget for the remainder of the period can enable your business to make required decisions to meet changing business conditions.


At the moment, QuickBooks Desktop doesn't have a combined report to compare the two. For now, you'll need to run a Budget report and compare it with your Forecast report. Since this is a pretty neat idea, I'm going to forward this to our Product Development Team for further review. We take your ideas and feedback serious, as it's what makes us the best, after all!


For more information on budgets and forecasts in QuickBooks Desktop, I recommend checking out this awesome article.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm here to ensure your continued success. Have a good one!

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