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budget vs actual report

Budget vs actual by class report shows the budget as a negative number.  Am I doing something wrong here?  The over budget number is then incorret as well.


budget vs actual report

Thanks for dropping by, SB4207.

I'm here to help and provide you with some information about budget vs actual report in QuickBooks Desktop.


The Budget vs. Actual report shows how your business fares compared to the budget you determined. The Over Budget column shows the difference amount difference between the budgeted amount and the actual amount. A negative amount means you were under budget while a positive amount means you were over budget. The % of Budget column is the percentage margin of your budget that was earned or spent.


If the negative amount shows under budget, you can edit and change the budget. However, if the negative amount shows under the actual column, you'll need to open and verify the transactions.


This article is a good reference:


Let me know how it goes or if you ran into a different situation by leaving a reply below. I'll zip right back to you.

Level 1

budget vs actual report

I amhaving an issue with actually printing the report and can't find the mecanism to increase the size of the print!  In the Print Preview the report is miniscule - too small to read anything.  I print this report every month and have no idea what transpired to initiate the change in size!


Help, please.



QuickBooks Team

budget vs actual report

Hello there, @1836.


Let's verify and rebuild your data to check is this printing issue is caused by damaged data. I can walk you through on how to do that. 


To fix data issues, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on File at the top menu bar.
  2. Select on Utilities.
  3. Click on Rebuild Data.
  4. Select OK when you see Rebuild has completed.

Once done, you can proceed with verifying the data:

  1. Click on File.
  2. Select on Utilities.
  3. Click on Verify Data.
  4. If you see QuickBooks detected no problem with your data, select OK. You may continue using your company file.

Here's a reference that you can visit for the entire details of this process: Resolve data damage on your company file.


If running the procedure above doesn't make a difference, you can perform the troubleshooting steps provided in these articles:

If the issue continues after trying these resolutions, I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Team. They'll initiate a remote viewing session to further isolate this matter. 


I'm still here to provide assistance if there's anything else you need. Feel free to leave a reply below and we'll take it from there. Have a nice day ahead!

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