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Level 2

Build Assemblies and account class coding

We are trying to use the "Build Assembly" function in Quickbooks Enterprise and are seeing Unclassed transactions post to our income statement when building assemblies.  Because we are using class coding, we review the Unclassed column to make sure we don't have any unclassed transactions when entering transactions.


I do not see a way to add a class to the Build Assembly templates so I am not sure how to properly class those transactions when they are created so they do not show up as unclassed.  Ideally, we keep the Unclassed column clean on our P&L to make it easy to review.

QuickBooks Team

Build Assemblies and account class coding

I can help you clear out the Unclassified column in our Profit & Loss report, BernieJ. 


The report is transaction-based. We can assign classes to the whole transaction instead of per line item (assembly). We actually have the Profit & Loss Unclassified report that will easily help us assign classes. 


Here's how to run the report: 

  1. Go to the Reports menu.
  2. Click Company Financial
  3. Select Profit & Loss Unclassified
  4. Let's customize the report Dates
  5. Click each amount per account and a Transaction List Detail will open. 
  6. Double-click on each transaction and enter a Class
  7. Hit Save & Close

Do the same steps to each account and transactions to clear out the unclassified column in our income statements. Here a few references that we can look into in managing financial reports


Reach out to me if you need more help. Thanks!

Level 2

Build Assemblies and account class coding

I've been doing some more testing and it appears when Building Assemblies the class coding is going back to the original transactions on the inventory items that are part of the build.  We found some transactions on sub-items that did not have a class when entered.  It appears those unclassed transactions on sub-items translate forward into the Build Assembly coding automatically.  I don't think there is a way to change the classification on Assemblies without deleting the Assembly build, put a class on all old sub-item transactions and then rebuilding the assembly.

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