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Best answer May 18, 2020

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Julian C
Thank you for your interest in changing the email invoices are sent from. You ask and you shall receive. Your feedback is extremely valuable and I am happy to write to you that QuickBooks Online now has the ability link any Gmail email address. By linking your personal or business Gmail email address, you can now send invoices from QuickBooks Online this address rather than the default QuickBooks email address. This feature is now available in all regions!
Send invoices from your Gmail address
  • Go to (+ New) > Invoice
  • Enter required invoice information
  • Select Send and Save
  • Within the From area, select the down arrow
  • +Add Gmail address
  • Select Connect Gmail account
  • Finish setup


For more information, please refer to the following community article:
Please don't hesitate to provide any feedback about the new experience. If you would like to send invoices from other email providers/domains, we strongly encourage you to leave feedback in QuickBooks Online by navigating to the Gear Icon > Feedback. Thank you for being a loyal QuickBooks Online customer.
Julian C.
QuickBooks Online Care Team

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QuickBooks Team

Thank you for posting here in the Community, mfranks.


Let me share some information about changing the sender email address for invoices.


The default email address when sending sales forms like invoices, transactions and reports is Changing the sender email address in QBO is currently unavailable. 


You might want to let our product engineers know this is something you need. Please send your feedback straight to them by clicking the Gear icon and selecting Feedback. This goes directly to our product development team to help improve your QuickBooks Online experience.


Check this article for more information on how to submit feedback


If you have further questions, just let me know by leaving a comment below. I'm always glad to help. Have a good day. 

Vertical print
Level 2

How many people have to ask for this basic feature until you actually implement this ? It's not intuit who sendssends quotes andand invoices to my customers! It's me!!! Please change this 

QuickBooks Team

This feature request is already added as a feedback, Vertical print.


Our engineers would base on the number of votes or feedback before adding this feature. As a workaround, you'll want to send quotes and invoices outside QuickBooks. 


Let us know if you have other concerns. 

Vertical print
Level 2

Your answer is not helping anyone here. Let's start again, she'll we? 

My question was :  HOW MANY of us have to ask for this basic feature until you actually implement this ?

QuickBooks Team

There is no specific number of requests to get the feature added, Vertical print.


The more feedback our engineers get, the sooner they'll implement the request.

You can also track feature requests through the QuickBooks Online Feature Requests website.


Reach out to us anytime if you have more questions. 

Level 2

How is this even a feature request? It's a basic necessity. My customers have automated invoice response systems that respond back to the sender if the invoice has an error. Also, verification emails get sent to the sender.. It takes months to find out why an invoice doesn't get paid - and my customers always list an email that went back to the sending address that outlined the problem.


Hi there, @bjohnson1.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts about changing the default email address when sending sales forms. Allow me to help share some insight about this to get this straightened out.


As mentioned by my peers, the option to replace the sender email address is currently unavailable. We’ll make sure to take note of your feedback and use it to improve the flow in sending sales forms in QuickBooks Online. I'd also recommend you visiting our Blog to learn what new updates are being rolled out, as well as additional references while working with QuickBooks.


Please know that I'm just a post away if you have any other questions about QuickBooks. I'll be happy to help you out.  Wishing you and your business continued success.

Vertical print
Level 2

So many words and yet you said nothing 

Vertical print
Level 2

So many words and yet you said nothing 

@MaryGraceS wrote:

Hi there, @bjohnson1.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts about changing the default email address when sending sales forms. Allow me to help share some insight about this to get this straightened out.


As mentioned by my peers, the option to replace the sender email address is currently unavailable. We’ll make sure to take note of your feedback and use it to improve the flow in sending sales forms in QuickBooks Online (QBO). I'd suggest you visit QBO Blog to learn what are the new updates being rolled out by Intuit.


Please know that I'm just a post away if you have any other questions about QuickBooks. I'll be happy to help you out.  Wishing you and your business continued success.


Level 1

If QBO cannot change this basic email address then at least change it to "[email address removed].  Then the customer will see that and try to contact the me through my support email address or website.


I have had a customer reply thinking it was coming to me.  It was not until I reached out to the customer I found out they sent an reply email which went "No Where".

Aleh - CloudBusiness
Level 3

Hello mfranks and vertical print,


As a workaround you can use your e-mail in CC field and then either 1) asking the customer to pay attention to this and tune their machines to auto-answer using reply all option.

2) manually forwarding that quote or invoice from the mailbox figured in the CC field to your customer.


Below is a screenshot of one of the options for enabling cc/bcc fields. It is appears after you click 'Send' from the Invoices list or through the editing the Invoice(or other entity that can be emailed) itself




There can be other options to use, as:


Cc stands for the 'carbon copy' and addressee will be visible to all parties of the email

Bcc stands for the 'blind carbon copy' and addressee will be visible only to a party specified in that Bcc field.


Hope that helps. Have a great day!

Level 1

I left the online version because of this feature not being available. Many of my customers didn't receive their invoice because it goes into spam. I use the desktop version and easily send invoices out that way but would like to use the online version but not until you fix this. I can't believe this hasn't been added yet. 


Thanks for joining the thread and raising this to the Community, owensoregon,


I can see how this feature would be beneficial to your business.  At this time, there isn’t a specific time frame as to when this feature be available.


We’re working on releasing this feature soon. For product updates, you can check out our blog post for recent changes.


Additionally, you can always check out our Community Help Articles if there are app features that you want to learn more.


If there's anything else I can help you with concerning QuickBooks Online, please feel free to visit the Community again. I'm always here to assist.

Level 1

About time it gets resolved.


When does the update come into force? 

Level 2

This is a major, major issue with Quickbooks online.  My invoices are also going to spam folders and I'm not getting paid only to discover it is quickbook's fault which is incredibly frustrating.  This needs to be addressed ASAP!


And I have tried to follow the instructions to give feedback using the gear but my feedback seems to go into a black hole - very unhelpful way to get feedback.


I wish I had not switched to quickbooks online and instead used a competing product.  It boggles my mind that my accounting software is preventing me from getting paid... does anyone else see the irony in this?


Quickbooks community - please rise up on this one!

QuickBooks Team

Hey there, @danslee99.


I know that getting paid on time is important when running a business. While I'll be sending your feedback here on my end, I recommend suggesting your customer to white list the Intuit service email addresses.


This way, your invoices won't get into their spam folders, and they can pay you on time. The steps also vary depending on the email provider.


For Microsoft Outlook:


  1. On the Home tab, choose Junk and select the Junk Email Options.
  2. Choose the Safe Senders tab, then choose Add.
  3. Enter in the field box and click on OK.
  4. Mark the box for Automatically add people I email to Safe Sender List.
  5. Click on Apply.


Yahoo Mail:


  1. Open your Yahoo mailbox.
  2. Choose the Options tab in the upper right of the window.
  3. Select Filters and click on Add.
  4. Under If all of the following rules are true, locate the From header rule.
  5. Select Contains, then enter "".
  6. From the Choose Folder drop-down, make sure to select Inbox.
  7. Click on Add Filter.

After updating the settings, close all browser windows and open a new one. If you're using a different email provider, check out the Make sure you receive important email messages from Intuit article for detailed steps.


You can also send this information to your customers so they can configure the email set up. 

This should point you in the right direction. If you have further questions or concerns, let me know by posting a comment below. I’m always here to help.


Level 2



I think you're misunderstanding.  My clients are not getting the invoices that I send them through quickbooks because quickbooks is establishing the sender as '[email address removed]'.  My client's email systems are automatically marking this as spam so they never even see my invoices come in.  It is an issue that quickbooks needs to address.  There is nothing I can do on my end other than manually notify each client that I sent them an invoice and ask they check their spam folders, but if I'm going to do that why bother using quickbooks in the first place?  As a new quickbooks user I'm super frustrated. 




Hello danslee99,


I am also a customer, and I know the feeling of not getting the right service. I'll personally pass along your feedback to our product developers. 


For now, I'd suggest following the recommended steps from the previous answer. 


If there's anything else that you need, please let us know. 

Level 1

I have the desktop version, not online.  Is there a way to change the desktop version to appear that invoices are coming directly from me?

QuickBooks Team

Hello there, @caheffe,


Same goes with QuickBooks Desktop, we're unable to change the default email address if you're using QuickBooks E-mail.


I suggest setting up an Outlook or Webmail profile so you can use your own email when sending invoices to customers.


Let me guide you through the steps on how to accomplish this:

  1. Go to your Edit menu, then select Preferences.
  2. Under My Preferences, tick the Outlook or Web mail radio button.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter your Email ID and Email Provider.
  5. Click OK to exit the Add Email Info window.
  6. Click OK to save the preferences.

For your guidance with the steps above, please check this out: Set up email service.


If you also need customers to pay their invoices online, you can read through this page for the detailed steps: Create invoices with payment link.


Let me know if you have follow-up questions with the information shared above. I'd be glad to provide your needs.

Level 1

Will setting it up this way ensure that the "from" for emails we send our customers WON'T say it came from Intuit/QuickBooks, but, rather, it will have my webmail email address?  As this is what I am trying to solve.


Greetings, @caheffe!


Setting up email services allows you to customize your email recipient. I'm here to share a few insights and help you from there.


First off, the Email services allow QuickBooks to send your transactions to your email provider. From there, your email provider will now send your invoices or any other transactions to your customers.


Thus said, you can follow the detailed steps outlined by my colleague, @MaryLandT, above so you can start utilizing the Email services feature in your QuickBooks Desktop.


In addition, I've included an article you can read to learn more about utilizing the Email services feature: Set up email service in QuickBooks Desktop.


Lastly, you can also read this article which can be your guide for any future tasks: Send Forms by Batch in QuickBooks Desktop.


If there's anything else that I can help you with, please let me know in the comment section down below. I'll be always around ready to help.

Level 3

And you really think that is an option? To ask our thousands of customers to white-list a Quickbooks/Intuit address just so they can get our quotes and invoices?

We pay you guys for using this service, but it is really not usable at this time. How can a company like Intuit, with all the SW you guys have developed and with a user base in the millions, not have some basic capability when you introduce a new software or service?

Looking at all the answers from your support folks, it is very clear that, as someone commented, you use a lot of wards without saying anything. Nothing, nada. This is not what I would call customer service, this is just pushing back on things customers need, while following what appears to be your internal pie in the sky product development plans that don't take the requirements of your users into account.

I mean, who wants to help you increase your SEO and search results by sending out invoices and quotes? We need our company email addresses on there, so our customers can see where the emails are coming from and select them accordingly. 

This is complete ignorance on your part, it makes it frustrating to use. 

I'm sure your company has an analysis on how much it costs to acquire a new subscriber. Well, I think that number just went up. It seems the only language you understand there is the one of the "pocketbook"...when people start using other programs and services to get their job done right.

Level 3

So, why can't you integrate this feature? 

This cannot be so difficult to do.

Which means you guys just don't want to do it, there's got to be an alternate reason.

Does not make me feel good about this "service" I'm paying for and am supposed to trust with my customer information and financial information.

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