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Can I send a invoice to 2 separate email accounts

QuickBooks Team

Re: Can I send a invoice to 2 separate email accounts

Hi there, wsdlandscape.


Thank you for posting here in the QuickBooks Community.


You can add up to three emails in the Customer email field when sending invoices. I'll show you how to send an invoice to two separate email accounts.


Follow the steps below:


1. At the top right, select the Plus(+) icon.
2. Under Customer, click Invoice.
3. From the box Under the Customer email field, you can add up to three emails.


Feel free to read this article for creating, editing, and sending multiple invoices: Create and send multiple invoices.


If there's anything else you need help with, don't hesitate to leave a comment down below. I'm always here to help. Enjoy the rest of the week.

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Re: Can I send a invoice to 2 separate email accounts

You have two fields that work well, the Main Email and CC Email fields. These work as you would expect. Starting with QuickBooks 2013, Intuit added a number of additional fields where you can change the label of the field using a drop-down list of options. In Figure 1, you can see that I’ve selected “Alt Email 1” and “Alt Email 2” for these fields. That should give us four email fields for this customer, right?  Unfortunately, those optional fields are not turned into “email” fields when you change the label, they just hold the information as text fields that have no special use. The only fields that are actually used as email fields are the Main Email and CC Email fields.


So those extra “alt” fields aren’t useful in this case. The trick is that you can add multiple email addresses in a single email field if you separate them with a semicolon. I’ve entered multiple addresses in the CC Email field (this also works for the Main Email field).


When I send an invoice to this customer, the entire content of the two email fields is used, and the email system should recognize those as separate addresses.


The customer Main Email and CC Email fields each have a capacity of 1,023 characters. I’ve not tested the system with more than five or so email addresses in a field, but that should be plenty of room for the addresses you would want for one customer.




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