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Cancelled Paypal request for payment showing as paid sale

I sent a payment request on Paypal for an order. My Paypal account is synced to Quickbooks so it showed up as a paid sale when I sent the request. The customer ended up backing out so I cancelled the payment request but it still shows up as a sale in Quickbooks. I cannot figure out how to reconcile this issue and the live bookkeeping has been no help.

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QuickBooks Team

Cancelled Paypal request for payment showing as paid sale

Hi DjinnGlas,

I appreciate your patience while waiting for help on your PayPal transaction.

You can keep the transmitted sale from PayPal since that happened in there. My question is, when your customer backed out, was the payment also reversed in your PayPal account? If yes, just wait for the reversal to be transmitted to QuickBooks. If not, you can create a refund transaction. Use the same items and tax indicator if there is, so everything will be reversed in your books.

The goal is to reflect all transactions in your PayPal account, so you can reconcile your PayPal register while also keeping your reports accurate.

I'm just right here if you have more questions or if there is a specific detail that you're more concerned about. We're just around to help.

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